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Tantalizing Turquoise Rings

Allow yourself to be immersed in the blue-green beauty of turquoise when you shop JTV's turquoise ring collection. Used as an emblem of protection by many in the past and present, turquoise has remained a meaningful mineral throughout the passage of time. Try out a classic natural stone turquoise and sterling silver silver ring for everyday wear, or a carved rose turquoise ring to add southwestern flair to your look. Find where to buy your new turquoise ring collection here at JTV!

What are Turquoise Rings Worth?

Turquoise rings are known for their intricate patterns of colors and the natural intricate designs. Due to the raw beauty of turquoise gemstones, they are worth their weight in innate patterns and rich coloring. A large brilliantly bright blue turquoise gemstone banded in 10k yellow gold will make a regal statement and show off your royalty. JTV also has more affordable options such as a beautifully designed turquoise piece set on a simple silver band. Depending on the size of the gemstone and the metal you choose to band the stone in, JTV's turquoise rings can satisfy more expensive tastes, or can appease your budget, no matter your ring needs.

A December Birthstone

Turquoise is also December's birthstone! Treat your loved one to a gift they will cherish and remember forever, with a turquoise ring! Make their birthday as extravagant or simple as you want it, with larger than life turquoise rings, to simple statement pieces. For those December birthday babies in your life, give them a personal gift that they will wear with love and care.

Turquoise Rings for Men

Let the man in your life make a bold statement in a daring turquoise ring. Our turquoise rings for men are intricately fashioned with an enviable turquoise stone that is sure to turn heads. With gold and silver band options, the thick band around your gentlemen's turquoise gemstone will have him feeling confident and ready for the night.

Tips to Keep Your Turquoise Ring Clean

Turquoise rings are treasures for your jewelry collection, so keep them sparkling and new with some cleaning tips from JTV!

  • Store turquoise jewelry separate from other gemstones
  • Apply makeup before putting on your turquoise jewelry
  • Remove your turquoise jewelry before completing household chores
  • Do not use commercial jewelry cleaner on turquoise jewelry
  • Use a soft brush and water to clean the stone

Silver or gold banded turquoise rings could require more maintenance as well. JTV has all your jewelry care needs, so no matter what your kind of jewelry, you'll have it polished and new in no time.

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