Moldavite Earrings

Moldavite Earrings

An eye-catching green up against your ear, moldavite earrings pair beautifully with a neutral wardrobe.

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Moldavite Stud Earrings & More

Create mystery and intrigue with the dark gleam of moldavite earrings. Moldavite exhibits forest green characteristics, offering beauty with a dark side. Silver settings and neutral-colored gems make for natural companions when creating moldavite earrings. The colorless accents create a natural canvas to feature moldavite's natural brilliance.

Moldavite, a silicate formed millions of years ago by a meteorite impact in Germany, is a type of tektite, which is derived from the Greek word for molten. There are three grades of moldavite, the highest of which, museum grade, are used to make moldavite jewelry. Moldavite has properties similar to green glass, but the two can be distinguished based on the serpentine inclusions present in the gemstone.

JTV has dozens of moldavite earrings to suit any style and complement any outfit. Whether you're shopping for earrings to add to a work ensemble or have a night on the town in mind, JTV marries style and sensibility to provide moldavite earrings that glamorize without breaking the bank. They're intriguing. They're enthralling. And best of all, they're affordable. The same goes for our moldavite rings, bracelets and necklaces.

No matter what you're in the market for, you can be sure whatever moldavite earrings you choose, just as with all the jewelry at JTV, are designed and sold in adherence with the company's mission to offer extraordinary products at extraordinary prices.