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Considered a blend of heaven and earth, tektites are fragments of natural glass formed from meteorite impacts with our planet. Tektites are assigned names based on their location. Thus, moldavite, named after the Moldau river in the Czech Republic, is found in that country. The intense pressure and temperatures present during its formation preserve tiny gaseous bubbles in many moldavite gems.

Moldavite Jewelry for Sale

Discover a new reason to sparkle. With moldavite jewelry from JTV, you can enjoy beautiful, stylish pieces at prices you can afford. Its rich, verdant green shade makes moldavite an irresistible treasure for gemstone lovers everywhere. Find rings, necklaces and more when you explore the selection. Make moldavite part of your jewelry collection today.

As gorgeous green is in style year-round, moldavite jewelry is perfect for any season. Purchase a new moldavite necklace to celebrate the beginning of spring, or make the holiday season special when you wear a decadent moldavite bracelet. You will find simple jewelry for casual occasions along with luxurious jewelry for formal events. Any look is possible when you shop this selection.

Give the gift of moldavite jewelry. This jewelry is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and more. And because it's good to treat yourself every once in a while, you can even gift yourself, totally guilt-free. This stunning jewelry is high in quality but low in price, making shopping simple and stress-free. Find the perfect ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings for your look.

Explore a variety of amazing styles. You will find gold jewelry and silver jewelry, statement jewelry and simple jewelry. You will find fun, playful styles with animals, hearts and flowers. If you prefer fine jewelry, you may like perusing pieces from high-end designers such as Artisan Gem Collection and Off Park Collection™. Experiment with a variety of beautiful styles with this selection.

Add a touch of green glamor to your daily look, and shop moldavite jewelry for sale today.

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