Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Jewelry

Taking inspiration from Celtic symbolism, Celtic jewelry features connemara marble, sterling silver and traditional Celtic knots.

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Is Celtic jewelry Scottish or Irish?

Celtic jewelry is also associated with other Celtic cultures, such as those of Ireland, Wales, and Cornwall. However, many pieces of Celtic jewelry are inspired by Scottish designs and motifs. Celts wore a variety of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. Much of their jewelry featured intricate patterns and designs made from metals such as bronze, gold or silver.

What does Celtic jewelry symbolize?

Representing strength, protection and luck, celtic jewelry has strong ties to the heritage of celtic culture and can be worn as a way to express one’s roots and identity.

What is the most popular Celtic symbol?

One of the most popular celtic symbols is the trinity knot. This multipurpose symbol has religious, spiritual and symbolic connotations that add to the beauty of a jewelry piece. Some consider the trinity knot to represent the Holy Trinity while others believe it represents mind, body and spirit all working together. And last but not least, trinity knot jewelry can be given as a symbolic gift, containing the virtues of eternal love, faith and hope.

Some other popular Celtic jewelry symbols are the Celtic crosses, Celtic knots and claddagh rings.

What does a claddagh ring symbolize?

The claddagh symbol, commonly featured on celtic rings, features two hands holding a crowned heart. As a traditional symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, this Irish inspired ring is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection or as a gift to the love of your life, showing your commitment to them.

What gemstones are common in celtic jewelry?

Common gemstones used in Celtic jewelry are typically green gemstones like peridot or chrome diopside, representing the style’s Irish roots. Another material used frequently in Celtic jewelry is Connemara marble: a type of green marble found in the Connemara region of Ireland. Intricate designs and patterns can be carved into the stone and occasionally, beads made from Connemara marble can be strung onto a necklace or bracelet alongside other Celtic symbols.