Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets

Make a perfect match with tennis bracelets! Whether you choose ruby red, blue tanzanite, pink opal or another gem, they are all winners in our eyes.

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Serve an ace to your jewelry collection with JTV's collection of tennis bracelets. The classic look is great for day or night, in casual or formal attire.

Why do they call it a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets got their name after Chris Evert, a tennis champion, lost her diamond bracelet during the 1987 U.S. Open. To the shock of tennis aficionados, she stopped the match to look for her bracelet. Since then, the narrow chain-style bracelet has been called a tennis bracelet.

Can you wear a tennis bracelet every day?

Tennis bracelets are made to be flexible for every day wear. They are the perfect accessory to compliment a casual T-shirt and jeans and could be worn for any occasion. Everything from a formal occasion to a casual day on the town to even a tennis match, like its namesake suggests.

How loose should a tennis bracelet be?

Tennis bracelets are traditionally looser bracelets. A tennis bracelet should move freely on your wrist but shouldn't be loose enough to be uncomfortable, annoying or risk sliding right off your wrist. The standard rule when it comes to tennis bracelets is that you should be able to fit one finger between the bracelet and your wrist.

What hand do you wear a tennis bracelet on?

Most people wear tennis bracelets opposite their dominant hand. If you are right-handed, wear it on your left wrist and vice versa. This is because tennis bracelets are traditionally looser bracelets and you don't want them to get in the way of the hand you most often perform tasks with.