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Women's Cuff Bracelets

Be a trend setter with these stylish cuff bracelets that really make you stand out from the crowd. Popular for the ease with which they can be slipped on and off over the wrists without difficult clasps, women’s cuff bracelets from JTV feature cool colors and intricate designs, making them the perfect bracelet option no matter the occasion. JTV offers a selection of hundreds of cuff bracelet options in gold, sterling silver, copper, brass and more.

Cuff bracelets have been around for centuries, first coming into prominence with the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Bold and stylish, these early cuff bracelets were often used in battle as protective armor over the wrists and arms. We don’t recommend heading off to war armed with nothing but these cuff bracelets, but they can help project the confident beauty and strength of an Amazon.

In contrast to many other bracelets like bangles, cuff bracelets are generally taut against the forearm rather than dangling at the wrist, giving them a unique look all their own. Women’s cuff bracelets from JTV feature beautiful gemstones like turquoise, topaz, diamond and more and come from great brands like Aztec Style, Exotic Jewelry Bazaar, Moda Al Massimo, Southwest Style by JTV and a veritable world cruise of Artisan Collections from Bali to Ireland to Israel to Madagascar. And, if you’re feeling a little off the cuff, explore other great bracelet styles like wrap bracelets, tennis bracelets, stretch bracelets and more.