Ametrine Jewelry

Ametrine Jewelry

Ametrine jewelry is the perfect combination of purple amethyst and yellow citrine. This bi-color quartz gemstone will surely be a show stopper.

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Gemstone Information

Ametrine is a bi-color quartz variety that, as its name suggests, is a unique combination of amethyst and citrine within a single crystal. How the gem forms is still a bit of a mystery, but the differences in color are believed to be the result of the presence of iron in different states of oxidation from natural heating. Combining the golden sunburst of citrine with the violet sunset of amethyst, this naturally colored gem is commercially mined at a single source: the remote Anah mine in Bolivia and is shrouded in fascinating local legends and lore.

What is Ametrine Jewelry?

Ametrine jewelry features a bi-colored quartz with the soothing lavender purple of amethyst and the zesty yellow of citrine. The two gemstones that make up ametrine, which are birthstones for February and October respectively, havehad slightly different heat exposure before being mined and cut. These factors change their color, and it takes the perfect circumstances to create ametrine, a combination of the names amethyst and citrine that perfectly represents this bi-color stone.

In some circumstances, ametrine gemstones are heat treated to distinguish the difference in color, but that doesn’t make it any less natural. Ametrine jewelry is often cut to showcase both the purple and yellow elements of the gemstone.

The amethyst part of ametrine gemstones is said to reduce stress, calm emotions, and promote harmony in the body. On the other hand, citrine is said to restore vitality and creativity to your mind. Ametrine jewelry is also a great item to style in a variety of outfits, providing a contrast of colors that will freshen up your look.

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