Moldavite Gemstones

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Gemstone Information

Considered a blend of heaven and earth, tektites are fragments of natural glass formed from meteorite impacts with our planet. Tektites are assigned names based on their location. Thus, moldavite, named after the Moldau river in the Czech Republic, is found in that country. The intense pressure and temperatures present during its formation preserve tiny gaseous bubbles in many moldavite gems.

Loose Moldavite Stones

Make marvelous moldavite accessories when you shop the loose moldavite gemstone collection at Almost all deposits of this olive-colored gemstone are found in the Czech Republic, near the Vltava river. Due to it's scarcity, moldavite is a rare and beautiful collector's gemstone. Add moldavite as the centerpiece of a pendant necklace or halo ring to show off the beautiful nature of this terrestrial-formed gemstone!

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