STOP! Red is a color which commands attention. It can represent many things: love, excitement, passion, and femininity are just a few of the feelings with which the color red is associated. Luckily, there are many gemstones that can help us embrace our inner femme fatale and direct an admirer's gaze!


When you think of a red gemstone, which one immediately comes to mind? Ruby, the "Queen of Gems", is hands down the most famous red gem. Have you noticed that ruby seems to glow around your neck or on your finger? That's not your imagination! The chromium which gives ruby its rich color also causes this stone to fluoresce when subjected to ultraviolet light. Depending on how much chromium is present in your ruby, it may actually glow in daylight thanks to the UV component of white light!

The ring features a ruby from India. We love rubies from India because they generally feature a richer, deeper wine color than rubies from Myanmar (Burma), Mozambique, or Kenya. This is due to their iron content, which can give a magenta hue to some Indian rubies. Remember that with ruby and emerald, color matters far more than clarity when it comes to judging the quality and value of a stone, and this 1.44 ct stone has a lovely translucency that gives it a velvety appearance. Pairing ruby with vermelho garnet makes for an unusual combination, not to mention an exquisite ring to add to your jewelry box!

Garnet Rings and Labradorite Jewelry

If you're looking for a true apple-red color, however, this hue can be challenging to find in the world of natural gemstones. This is one of the many reasons that we are head-over-heels for garnet. It's a natural gemstone that doesn't accept a treatment to enhance its appearance very well, so it is usually left untreated. When you find gemstones that have excellent clarity in this bold, striking color, it can feel like you've won the lottery! Yet garnet is usually very affordable, which is surprising for a natural and untreated gemstone with such intense saturation of color.

Notice the red labradorite ring. A customer favorite, red labradorite undergoes a treatment called "diffusion" to induce this fiery color. This color is extremely expensive in an untreated labradorite stone because it is so rare to find naturally. Our labradorite comes from Mexico, which is known for its incredible clarity. The pop of dazzling zircon on either end of this band ring makes it special and unique!

The image shows a silver garnet ring next to a labradorite ring.
Silver Garnet Ring with a Labradorite Ring
Silver Pendant Necklace
Silver Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklaces

Do you believe in magic? It's easy to see how early humans might have when you lay eyes on a phenomenal gemstone, which is a gem that exhibits "special effects" when it interacts with light. In this case, tiger's eye is a stone with which most people are familiar.

It's "chatoyancy" is due to tiny metallic rutile needles which have miraculously aligned into bands that reflect light, creating a "cat's eye" effect. This material has been dyed red to give it a slightly more unusual and sophisticated look. We love the garnet accent on this pendant, which pairs transparent and opaque gemstones for an unexpectedly modern, on-trend look.

Garnet Bracelets

Think of all the times you wear red throughout the year (don't worry, we'll wait)! It's not just the classics like holiday parties, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, and the Fourth of July. There's really no reason to wait for a special occasion to wear it! Garnets form in the mantle of the earth and have to ride a volcanic explosion just to reach the crust where we can discover them. This means that larger sizes of garnet with good color and clarity are few and far between.

For a gemstone which usually can't be treated, imagine how long it took the jewelry manufacturer to match each and every one of these gems! We guarantee that if even one was a slightly different color than the rest, your eyes would zero in on it immediately. That's the power of the color red for you!

Silver Bracelet with Multiple Garnet Stones in a row.
Silver Bracelet with Garnet Stones
On the right, there is a silver necklace with a coral pendant. On the left, there is a silver ring with a coral gem.
Coral Necklace and Ring


Red really is a power color, and it's one that is increasingly hard to find in organic gemstones like the coral seen here. Sponge coral, which is featured in both the pendant on the left and the band ring on the right, is a gemstone which was made by living organisms. Don't worry – no coral "polyps" (the name we use for the tiny sea creatures which create this material) were harmed in the making of this jewelry! Sponge coral is popular for use in jewelry due to its unique, mottled appearance and the fact that it is not on the endangered species list. This type of coral is found in the South China Sea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. What you're actually looking at is the coral polyps' "apartment complex".

If you look closely, you can see some small divots in the pendant shown Each small depression is where an individual coral polyp used to live! The texture of these pieces, combined with their bright red color, make these pieces perfect to wear as a "power statement", whether you're wearing them casually with a white t-shirt and jeans, or with a dress or pantsuit for an important meeting. We can't get over the intricate detail of this band ring…it's so unique!

Red Diamonds

Another red gem that is worth celebrating is red diamond. An untreated red diamond is considered one of the rarest gems on the planet. In fact, a 2.09 carat red diamond sold at auction in 2013 for $5.1 million! Our princess cut red diamonds have been enhanced to help them achieve this unparalleled color, and would make beautiful accent stones in a bespoke, custom-made piece of jewelry. Perhaps they could form a halo around the red garnets on the right. The hessonite garnet featured on the left side of the photo on the right is really special because it features a gemstone cut which is exclusive to JTV. The "Stellata" cut is named for the national flower of Sri Lanka, where we find most of these gems. Nicknamed "the cinnamon stone", hessonite garnet's spicy red hue is the perfect way to warm up your winter wardrobe.

Whether opaque or crystalline, red gems create a bold accent to any outfit that forces the eye to stop and take a second look! We hope you'll take a look at some of the red jewelry and red gemstones we offer at JTV!

Loose Red Gemstones
Loose Red Gemstones