If you're anything like me, you still dream of having her iconic and endless closet, owning your own pink convertible and living in a three-story dream house in Malibu. Now that it’s 2023, I can become my favorite icon with the Barbiecore jewelry trend.

What is the Barbiecore Trend?

The Barbiecore trend is one of the most popular fashion aesthetics that includes a feminine feel, sparkling flair and everything pink! Style and strut with confidence - that’s what she is all about.


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Iconic History

First released in 1959, she has managed to mesmerize me with her magical movie series for almost 20 years. She has dominated the fashion industry and has more recently become a virtual influencer, remaining an impactful inspiration to girls all over the world. From dolls, to movies, to being an influencer and participating in multiple partnerships and collaborations, this pink icon is a timeless influence on many.

Known for perfectly tamed blonde hair, as her looks changed over time, so did her career. Over the span of 60 years, she has had over 200 careers, from being a cheerleader to the President of the United States, showing young girls that anything is achievable. Being a part of the Barbiecore trend is empowering and lets your inner sparkle shine through.

Pink Dangle Earrings
Pink Dangle Earrings

Iconic Barbiecore Trend Moments

This trend is too iconic not to follow. If you grew up with the dolls and movies, you probably wanted to be just like her. Here is a list of my favorite celebrity Barbiecore trend looks!

  1. Featured in pink head-to-toe, N.M. walked the red carpet in 2011 for the VMAs with confidence and style. Accessorizing with layered diamond necklaces, chunky bracelets and large hoop earrings, N.M. stepped out glistening, embodying the Barbiecore trend.
  2. To mark her daughter's third birthday, J.S. and little J.S. both dressed in head-to-toe pink for the special occasion. The two covered in Barbiecore trend accessories, styled with a pink feathered headband, big hot pink sunglasses, layered pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets and stacked rings. With such a charming and coordinated look, I wouldn't be surprised if she was mistaken for the icon herself and asked for autographs.
  3. Posing with a doll look-alike, Z. made an appearance at a concert in 2015. Going for a more minimalistic approach, she adorned herself with small gold hoop earrings, a simple gold chain necklace, silver and gold rings, sparkling bangle bracelets, and a subtle hint of pink jewelry.
Pink Ferragamo Watch
Pink Ferragamo Watch

Accessorize Barbiecore Trend Style

It is no question that whatever she wears is bold and eye-catching, including her accessories. She adorns herself with statement pieces, sparkles and pink! Let's take a look at the Barbiecore trend playbook!

Chunky and Charms

Large, chunky pieces are one way to accessorize with the Barbiecore trend. These pieces are enhanced with sparkling gemstones, brilliance, and are overall attention-grabbing. Whether it's a heart that resonates with someone special or another iconic motif from her many films, charms are a way to personalize your style with significant meaning. Oversized statement pieces radiate confidence and speak to the Barbiecore fashion trend.

Multi Color Crystal Rose And Silver Tone
Multi Color Crystal Rose And Silver Tone "Love" Charm Bracelet

Ways to Wear Pops of Pink

If you're dressing for the Barbiecore trend, pink jewelry is a must have!

Pink Moissanite Jewelry

Featured is a pink moissanite ring wrapped in colorless moissanite gemstones, ready to take center stage. You can style pink moissanite jewelry with neutral or subdued color clothing so the vibrant gemstone has its own special feature or you can mix and match neon colors so it shines like the rest of you.

Pink Moissanite Ring
Pink Moissanite Ring

Morganite Jewelry

It's not hot pink, but morganite jewelry is feminine, delicate, and so Barbiecore trendy. Matching well with a soft color palette and flowy fabrics, morganite offers a graceful, royal and romantic touch to your style. When the special day comes, a morganite ring is the Barbiecore trend way to propose.

Morganite Ring
Morganite Ring

Ethiopian Opal Jewelry

Ethiopian opal is the gemstone that reflects the magic of the princess movies, bringing your childhood back to you, exuding an ethereal aesthetic. The pops of pink that shine through this opal's play of color pair well with other pastel, neutral colors and complement styles from romantic and modern to Barbiecore trendy.

Multi-Color Ethiopian Opal 18k Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver Halo Ring
Multi-Color Ethiopian Opal 18k Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver Halo Ring

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the perfect metal for your Barbiecore trend jewelry. Although it pairs well with diamonds, you can always opt for the pink on pink look. Take on the Barbiecore jewelry trend and embrace your feminine side with rose gold’s warm hues and rosy tones creating an elegant, timeless look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Barbiecore trend all about?

Associated with a glamorous, feminine, and sometimes exaggerated image, the Barbiecore trend involves embracing vibrant colors, playful and confident fashion choices, and an overall feminine aesthetic.

Which types of jewelry are Barbiesque?

Pink gemstone jewelry, like pink moissanite, morganite and Ethiopian opal jewelry, are all great choices to achieve the Barbiecore trend aesthetic.

Rose Gold Morganite Ring

Buying Guide to Barbiecore Jewelry Trend

Unleash your inner fashionista and embrace our own unique personality and celebrate self-expression. With the new Barbiecore fashion trend, you can embody your favorite doll or princess with Barbiecore jewelry.

From chunky statement pieces to delicate pearls and all things pink, let the Barbiecore trend ignite your style journey as you walk your own runway. Be bold, be confident, be you.

Anna Anderson

Anna grew up dressing Barbie dolls and watches Barbie in a Christmas Carol every Christmas although her favorite Barbie movie is Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses.

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