Ashley Morrow

Ashley Morrow

Get to Know Ashley

How did you get your start in the jewelry business?

I started making jewelry for myself after visiting an arts show. People would just buy it right off my hand when I was out and about and it made me think, there is something to this. And that is what connected my brain to inventing Alchemy!

What are some fun facts you would like to share?

I started a speed dating event to raise money for charity and three couples got married! I am the inventor of Alchemy Jewelry Sealer. I own 8 businesses like a lunatic. 

Three jewelry items to bring on a trip?

I’m not going if I can only bring 3, but in the spirit of answering the question, it would be 3 bags of jewelry. 

What are your go-to gifts from JTV?

Selfishly, I'm going to say Alchemy Jewelry Sealer. It's a two pack so you can keep one and give one, but if you have someone in your life that struggles with wearing jewelry, Alchemy is a game changer.

What are the most meaningful items in your jewelry collection?

I am not an overly sentimental person, but I do have some pieces that my parents purchased for me because they knew I loved them and couldn’t afford them at the time, so they mean something to me. To be seen and valued is so important and in those moments, I acutely felt that way. 

What comes to work with you every day?

I look like I’m moving in and out of office every day with the amount of stuff I wag back and forth just in case I need it at home or at the office. I live with a very high level of unmedicated anxiety, so I just bring it all. I mean, ALL. Phone, fake lashes, extra cords, fans, extra underwear, change of shoes, back up passport in case I need to flee the country…you know. The essentials.