Gem-A Gemology Foundation Course

The Gemology Foundation Course is the building block for further advanced study in gemology.   Whether you want to further your career in the trade or simply learn about gemstones, this certified course is for you. Once completed you will be able to identify, test and handle a wide variety of gemstones. Successful students will receive a Foundation Certificate in Gemology from Gem-A. Graduates can use the qualification Cert. GA after their name.


To register, call (865) 692-6000 ext 3610 from 8am EST to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

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JTV Gemological Training Center, Knoxville, TN Est. 2020

Course Objectives

  • Learn what constitutes a gemstone, how to identify common gem materials confidently, and the properties and uses of certain gem materials.
  • Apply knowledge of gemstone properties to their proper care and commercial use, including gemstone fashioning and use in jewelry.
  • Explain the value and price factor of gemstones.
  • Handle rough, cut and set gem materials, such as diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald, as well as organics and a range of treated and imitation gem materials.
  • Learn how to use basic gemological equipment and report accurately on the various observations and results of tests conducted on gemological specimens.
  • Learn about the origin and formation of gemstones and the various stages of the gemstone pipeline.
  • Learn how to distinguish between gemstones.

Course Materials Provided

  • Fully illustrated Foundation Course Notes
  • Foundation Practical workbook
  • Gem Set: Foundation Stone set containing rough and cut specimens
  • Portable instrument kit, including 10x lens, tweezers, stone cloth, spectroscope, dichroscope, flexi light, flat light, folding polariscope, conoscope, Chelsea color filter and kit bag.

Methods of Study

  • Predominantly classroom based: practical and theoretical 1 full day (6.5 hours per day). Total classroom hours: 104
  • Online element: online assessed coursework
  • Self-guided study


  • Assessed coursework (4 online assignments)
  • Written examination (theory)
  • Written examination (practical)
Students in a classroom

2024 Class Dates and Cost

The Gemology Foundation Course will be held over a six-month period (TBA) and includes 16 total classes.  The classes will be taught on the following Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST (6.5 hours) with an hour lunch break:

2024 Dates:

The Final Exam TBA in 2024.

The Gemology Foundation Course includes 104 total classroom hours and the cost is $4,480.00. 


Meet the Instructor:
Charles Evans
BSc in Gemmology and Jewelry Studies, diplomas in FGA, DGA and GIA

Charles Evans is a member of the JTV education team and is excited to share his passion in and knowledge of gemstones, minerals, and jewelry with others. With a BSc in Gemmology and Jewelry Studies, plus both FGA and DGA diplomas, and GIA qualifications, Charles's academic credentials are also augmented by many years of experience in lab gemology. Having lived and worked in nine different countries, he has visited mines, trade shows and gem markets all over the world.

For years he worked for Gem-A in London where he set up their new laboratory and led regular field trips. He has done talks around the world on technical aspects of gemology as well as gemstone supply chains, diamond mining, and melee. He is also a qualified appraiser and holds NAJA certification. Membership of AGA, ICA, Gem-A, SGA, MINSOC, MSA, USFCG and UKFCG ensures his knowledge is always up to date.