Earn Your Gemology Diploma at the JTV Gemological Training Center

Are you working in the gem and jewelry industry and looking for world-class training to enhance and build upon your existing skills? Or maybe you just want to learn more about gemstones without traveling too far from home?

JTV is the first official Gem-A Gemological Training Center in the United States and offers a comprehensive study program at its state-of-the-art headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. JTV offers a rich gemological environment with fully equipped classrooms, featuring microscopes at each station, and a balance of both theoretical and practical content with an additional online element for self-guided style and supplementary student assessment. 

JTV Gemological Training Center
Gem-A Accredited Teaching Centre

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, or Gem-A, is the world’s longest-running international provider of gemstone and jewelry education. Gem-A programs give students confidence to pursue their gemological ambitions, knowing they are supported by a solid foundation of gemological knowledge.

Woman viewing a gemstone through a loupe

Gem-A Course Information

The Gemology Diploma program is provided in two stages, Foundation and Diploma. Successful completion of the Gemology Foundation course is required before moving onto the Diploma.

Students inspecting gemstones


JTV’s fully equipped teaching facilities offer an excellent environment for practical study with a gemological classroom and gem material resources.  In addition, JTV’s instructors provide exceptional experience in teaching gemological programs and are fully endorsed by Gem-A. 

Traveling to or from the JTV campus is convenient and easy by car with major interstates I-40 and I-75 in Knoxville or by flying into McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS), which is only 15-minutes away.

To register, call (865) 692-6000 from 8am EST to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.

Prospective students must read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before registering.

Please email education@jtv.com for more information.