All About Emerald

The month of May is a wonderful time of year: the transition from spring to summer, fresh and bright colors and beautiful, blooming flowers. What better way to celebrate May babies and the new summer season with emerald birthstone jewelry, the gemstone that represents new beginnings and vitality? From its unique origin to its interesting physical properties, emerald is one like no other.

Emerald's Meaning

Emerald is said to represent eternal love and friendship, which makes them an excellent gift. It also is believed to represent an unbreakable bond. Emerald is also said to bring feelings of inspiration and wisdom. Get inspired with an emerald necklace, bracelet or other styles of May birthstone jewelry so you can always feel powerful and bring on new beginnings!

A pair of emerald green earrings.

Emerald's History

The oldest known recollection of emeralds is from about 3 million years ago, and first believed to be mined in Egypt in 1500 BC. Emerald’s biggest fan back in ancient times was no one other than Cleopatra herself. She would wear emerald in necklaces and other pieces of jewelry, because emerald jewelry was believed to provide the wearer with eternal life and insight into the future.

Other Egyptians used emerald in their burials as means of protection. The Incans also had access to emeralds, and kept them in hidden mines under the ground. Emerald-lovers everywhere throughout all of time have valued this special gem.

Emerald's Properties

Emerald is a gorgeous gemstone that can form in many different varieties of green, such as a deep forest green or vibrant, brilliant light green. The amount of iron, chromium and vanadium in the gem affects how light or how deep the color will be.

The place of origin also plays a part in the hue and value of the stone. In Zambia, the stones are a lighter green color, and not as expensive. In Colombia, the stones are a dark but dazzling green, and more expensive than other places emerald is mined. 

They are most commonly cut in the rectangular shape to show off the deep, rich color-- in the so-call emerald cut. It can also be faceted in different ways for a unique look.

Emerald is a precious and highly prized gemstone, making it one of the “Big 3” gemstones, along with ruby and sapphire. Emerald is rarer and harder to find than diamonds, and due to this they can be more valuable!

More than 70% of the emerald market is driven by Colombia, but emeralds can be discovered in Zambia, Brazil and other countries around the world. They naturally form a glass-like appearance and have a hardness rating of 7.5 on the Mohs scale. If taken care of well like the special treasure it is, then emerald birthstone jewelry can last a lifetime.

An emerald and silver necklace.

Emerald comes from the beryl family of gemstones. There are other types of gemstones that come from the beryl family that are green, but in order for it to be considered a real emerald, the chemical composition must include chromium and vanadium. Emerald only comes in green. If someone tries to tell you there is red emerald or blue emerald, they are wrong! There is only one color of this beautiful May birthstone jewelry.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one born in May, try a dainty but dazzling emerald necklace. To celebrate lifelong love and happiness, get that special someone an emerald ring. Nothing says “I love you” like exquisite emerald birthstone jewelry!

An emerald bracelet, ring, pair of earrings, and two loose gemstones are all pictured together.