Jewelry sets have a timeless appeal. From First Ladies to Old Hollywood starlets and fashion icons of today, the look has been a favorite for decades. Not only is a jewelry set a great way to keep your outfit effortlessly tied together, but with our busy modern lifestyles, not having to worry about putting together a coordinated jewelry look is wonderfully convenient.

Typically what you’ll find for sale is the classic necklace, bracelet and earrings combination. Another popular type out there is sets of the same item, such as a set of three rings, a set of two pairs of earrings, or a set of layering necklaces.

For everything you need to know about where jewelry sets came from, the variety of kinds you can find, and all of the ideal occasions for wearing them, keep reading!

The History of the Jewelry Set

The jewelry set as we know it today had surprisingly regal beginnings. The style first rose to popularity in the early 1800s amongst European royalty and the upper class. At this time, the sets were called parures and featured a matching necklace, tiara, brooch, bracelet and earrings. Sets with fewer pieces, sometimes as few as two, were called demi-parures. 

Another fascinating feature of these original parures and demi-parures is that they were designed so that the parts could be assembled and disassembled into different forms. For example, you would have been able to turn your necklace into a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

Whether you had a parure or a demi-parure, these bold, versatile sets were seen as status symbols. Prominent members of society were constantly working to ensure they had the best jewelers and the most inventive, elaborate pieces.

A a set of floral gold and moissanite earrings with a matching ring.

The JTV Jewelry Set Buying Guide

You may be wondering where to start on the journey toward finding the right jewelry set for you. To make it easy, I made up a list of all of the jewelry set categories that JTV offers.

Bella Luce Jewelry Sets

Bella Luce jewelry sets are embodied by the phrase “affordable luxury.” The Bella Luce brand has several different collections, with hundreds of items to choose from. Each collection offers its own intricate, show-stopping designs with attention to the smallest of elegant details. 

Bella Luce also specializes in cubic zirconia jewelry, which bears an amazing resemblance to diamond in every way except the price. Cubic zirconia gems are wonderfully easy to take care of. A soft brush with warm water and mild soap will restore their shine, and then you can pat them dry with a soft towel. Make sure you avoid any polishing, recutting, alcohol-based or harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners, especially if your gem has a color coating.

Bracelet Sets

Bracelet sets are an essential that everyone should have in their jewelry box. You can wear one on both wrists, stack a variety on one arm, or even double a bracelet as an anklet. Whether you gravitate toward smooth beads or baroque, textured stones or you want a taste of both, JTV has it.

A set of multicolor bracelets
Featuring: Off Park Jewelry by JTV

Diamond Jewelry Sets

Diamond jewelry sets are one of the best fashion investments you can make. Not only is this gemstone the most durable, with a Mohs Hardness Scale ranking of 10, but the colorless variety goes with every possible outfit. This is especially beneficial when it comes to bridal and engagement rings, which most people wear nearly every day. 

And if you’re still not convinced, diamonds are easy to care for, too. Just soak them in some warm water and mild soap, scrub with a soft brush, and dry with a soft towel.

A set of diamond earrings with a matching necklace and ring.
Featuring: Diamond Jewelry by JTV

Earring Sets

Earring sets are another nice addition to your jewelry collection. With an array of earring colors and shapes to choose from, you can complement different hairstyles, your eyes, your outfit, or all at the same time if you have multiple ear piercings. You can even mix two different earrings into a single set for a really modern and artistic look. 

A set of three pairs of hoop earrings
Featuring: Off Park Jewelry by JTV

Pearl Jewelry Sets

There is nothing classier than a pearl jewelry set. With all of the colors and shapes that pearls offer, you can create a vintage or modern effect to fit your personal preferences. JTV carries an especially large variety of pearls, so it’s hard to leave without finding something that you like.

Something to keep in mind though, when it comes to pearls, is that their hardness only ranges from 2.5-4.5. To keep these beads glowing, they require some regular care steps, but the good news is that the process is pretty simple. 

Avoid putting your pearls on until after you’ve done your hair and makeup, and then remove them at the end of the day before you start your nightly routine. Exposure to cosmetics, perfume, heat, hair products or household chemicals could damage these gems. If your pearls do happen to come into contact with any dirt, just dampen a soft cloth with lukewarm, mild soapy water and wipe the beads. Do not submerge the entire piece of jewelry in the water because the thread may snap. 

A set of five pairs of multicolored pearl stud earrings
Featuring: Pearl Jewelry by JTV

Ring Sets

Depending on the ring set you get, each kind has its own benefits. If your set contains a gold ring, a silver ring, and a rose gold ring, you’ll always have one that matches, regardless of the other jewelry you choose for the day. If you purchase a bridal set, there’s no need to worry about making sure your engagement ring and wedding band match. 

Gold Jewelry Sets

A gold jewelry set is the most effortless way to exude luxury. Like diamonds, gold is also a great investment in yourself, as it is always in style and can be paired with virtually any ensemble. And if the classic yellow gold isn’t for you, you have options. White gold is just as versatile, and rose gold is a delicate pop of color. 

With all of the beauty that gold jewelry provides, it is also surprisingly low-maintenance to care for. All you need to do to keep this metal in peak condition is to wash it periodically with warm, mild soap water. Just make sure you use a soft brush to scrub and a soft towel to dry. Finally, when you’re not admiring how great it looks, you’ll want to store your gold separately from other jewelry, since gold is a comparatively soft metal and could be damaged. 

A diamond and gold-plated set of hoop earrings and a matching band ring and bangle bracelet.
Featuring: Diamond Jewelry by JTV

Bridal and Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Your bridal look is one of the most important fashion moments of your life, so you want to look your best. A bridal jewelry set is the perfect way to make sure you look coordinated and graceful down to the smallest details. If you choose one of our sapphire ring sets, it could even serve as your “something blue.”  

And you can’t leave your besties out! Coordinated bridesmaid jewelry sets elevate the aesthetic of the whole bridal party. If everyone is wearing the same dress, a variety of jewelry can allow your bridesmaids to express their unique personality. On the other hand, if you’re doing mismatched bridesmaid dresses, uniform accessories will make the look cohesive. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry Sets

What is a jewelry set?

A jewelry set is a grouping of matching jewelry pieces that is sold together. 

How much are jewelry sets?

Jewelry sets can vary greatly in price depending on the metal and type of gemstone you get.

What is a parure and what is a demi-parure?

“Parure” is the name given to a kind of jewelry set in the 1800s. Pieces in these sets could be rearranged to form other kinds of accessories- for example, a necklace could be broken down into earrings and a brooch. A demi-parure is simply a parure with fewer pieces; a smaller set.

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