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Shop all your favorite jewelry styles along with Misty Mills as she personalizes your jewelry wardrobe to wear each and every day. Follow, Like and Love Misty Mills and join in polishing every outfit choice with the ideal selection of jewelry compliments, whatever the style. Growing a personal sense of style is a fun journey – let us be part of yours! Misty loves jewelry and personally wants to invite you to watch Personalized Style with Misty Mills.

Personalized Style with Misty Mills
Misty Mills

Misty Mills - AJP, DCA

Misty Mills is a long-standing member of the Jewelry Television® family. She starting out selling Beanie Babies in June of 97 but her love of all things that sparkle quickly shone through and she started selling fine jewelry by July of 97. Misty stays up-to-date on the latest trends so she can offer helpful advice to JTV viewers.

Misty Mills

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