Sisk Gemology Reference

Jewelry Television® is proud to present the Sisk Gemology Reference, a comprehensive visual gemstone resource many years in the making. This three-volume set details a wide range of gemstones and minerals from well-known gems like diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire to the exotic and rare such as anglesite, celestine, larimar and sphalerite. Each gem and mineral is presented in an innovative style using state of the art photographic techniques to capture the specimens in incredible detail.

About Jerry Sisk

Jerry Sisk’s pursuit of gemstones began in his home state of New York where he discovered the first piece of his gem collection: a brightly colored, water-worn pebble. Many pounds of pebbles later, Jerry became a bench jeweler and connected with Bob Hall, CPA, and later, Bill Kouns, goldsmith. Together, in 1993, the trio founded America’s Collectibles Network (ACN) which successfully evolved into the company known today as Jewelry Television® (JTV). Jerry was a Graduate Gemologist (GIA) and an active member of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA). He was adored by coworkers, customers, and vendors alike, and the publication of this book series has been highly anticipated with much excitement. In April of 2012, JCK Magazine named Jerry one of the top five most influential people in the gemstone industry. His legacy lives on in his writings and in the hearts of all those he touched during his lifetime.

Jerry Sisk

Inside the Books

Amateurs and aficionados alike will enjoy and appreciate these publications. By design, we have intended to create an enveloping experience for our readers with rich visual and informative elements, from the gallery-style photography to the comprehensive property boxes and contemporary illustrations. In addition to providing information about a wide variety of gemstones, these books may also be used as a tool to aid in their identification. For each gemstone entry in the publications, a property box full of useful observational, optical, and physical data is provided. The books in their essence are a comprehensive and visual gemology resource featuring prominent and noteworthy gemstones.