We all deserve a chance to feel like royalty, these luxurious royalcore jewelry styles will elevate your look to new heights of nobility.

Fashion influences come from a variety of sources but there's no influence quite as elegant and regal as royalty! This inspiration has created the royalcore aesthetic across jewelry design. Royalcore aesthetic jewelry is inspired by medieval to modern European royalty.  Queens and princesses of all nations have inspired so many jewelry trends over the years, here are the royal jewelry trends that you can wear every day.

Pearl Strand Necklaces

A strand of pearls is a simple, classic staple that is a necessity in every jewelry collection. Magnify the timelessness and majesty of an already stunning piece of jewelry with strand pearl necklaces that radiate the calm, collectedness of a royal court member. Natural pearls once were rare and difficult to obtain.

The process of finding a single pearl involved opening thousands of oysters, making them exclusive to royalty and the nobility. Pearls are featured in royal portraits and are often part of royal heirlooms. Want to make pearls a part of your life? Find similar but uniquely stunning pearl strands to alternate between, so that you can have the refreshing luster of pearls every day of the week.

a white pearl strand necklace on a white background

Diamond Statement Jewelry

Diamond jewelry has long been associated with historical monarchies, aristocracies, and the lifestyles of royals and nobles. Diamond statement jewelry with vintage designs and craftsmanship reminiscent of historical fashion will bring the royalcore jewelry aesthetic to your jewelry box. Royalty has standout styles including tiaras, crowns, large brooches or pendants that command attention and emulate the regal aura of royalty. You can bring these elements to your jewelry collection with diamond statement jewelry.

a polished and faceted white diamond three-stone gold engagement ring

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire engagement rings are one royal-inspired jewelry item that will likely never go out of style. Sapphires have been loved by royalty for centuries for their beauty and the belief that they offer protection, wisdom and divine favor. Sapphires’ durability is second only to diamonds, making them a great choice for engagement rings that will last a lifetime.  

An engagement ring featuring a sapphire symbolizes a pledge of honesty and loyalty. Sapphires can even be found as side stones or hidden features in bridal designs.  If you are looking for a statement in sapphire jewelry shop our full collection here.

A woman smiles while wearing a royal-inspired oval sapphire engagement ring with white gemstones.

Ruby Jewelry 

Called the “King of Gems” the ruby has captivated royalty for generations.  Rubies have a history with royalty back further than the Middle Ages when rubies were worn into battle believed to protect the wearer.  Ruby jewelry echoes the legends of kings and queens where gemstones were prized possessions.

With the Royalcore aesthetic, a ruby necklace can be worn with pearl earrings or gold bracelets, each piece contributing to an overall look of timeless elegance and sophistication. Adding ruby jewelry to your collection adds the elegance of nobility.

A pair of ruby and silver earrings

Jessica Kemp

You should feel like a princess every day. Jessica believes when you put on your jewelry it should lift you up giving you an extra royal confidence.

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