There’s gold, and then there’s Italian gold. The masterful craftsmanship of Italy’s art, fashion and history, making the country a cultural destination for people all over the world, extends to their jewelry making as well. Get ready to learn about what makes Italian gold jewelry unique and coveted and where you can find some to add to your collection.

What is Italian Gold Jewelry?

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about Italian gold jewelry and you’re wondering what exactly makes it so special. 

Gold is a very soft metal, so most gold jewelry has other metals mixed in, such as silver, copper or palladium, to make it more durable. While Italy’s gold itself is no different from the gold found across the rest of the world, Italian gold jewelry is of the purest quality available, containing lower levels of other metals. Because of its higher purity, Italian gold also has a richer color than the regular variety.  

Another thing that sets Italian gold apart in the jewelry world is its craftsmanship. Italian artisans view jewelry making as an art form and often use techniques that have been passed down from previous generations. 

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How to Identify Italian Gold Jewelry

The easiest and most reliable way to identify your jewelry is always to take it to a professional jeweler. However, there are a couple of other methods out there if you’d like to do it yourself at home. 

If you bought your supposed Italian gold jewelry in Italy, you can easily tell if it is authentic by examining the numbering on the item. While we measure gold by karats in America, in Italy they measure the purity of gold with a three-digit number. This number reflects the proportion of gold to other metals in the jewelry by saying how much of the jewelry would be gold if the jewelry was hypothetically made of 1,000 pieces. So, an authentic Italian gold accessory that has “750” written on it is composed of 75% gold. 

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However, this rule only applies if you bought your jewelry in Italy. If you've purchased Italian gold in the U.S., it is perfectly normal for it to have a karat rating written on it instead because that is the unit of measurement we use.

Another option is to buy an acid test kit. Basically, you rub your gold jewelry against a black stone and then apply acid to the gold mark left on the stone. Depending on the karat you are testing for and the type of acid used, the color change of the acid or whether the gold mark dissolves can indicate if it is real gold or not.

Splendido Oro Jewelry

Now that you’re ready to get some Italian gold jewelry of your own you can explore JTV’s Splendido Oro Jewelry Collection. Splendido Oro is our line of authentic Italian gold accessories that is manufactured in Arezzo, Tuscany and designed by Italian artisans. Not only is Italy renowned worldwide for its high fashion and exquisite art and architecture, but Arezzo is nicknamed the “Gold Capital of the World.” 

Splendido Oro brings the glamor and sophistication of Italy to you with an array of both 14k and 18k options. 

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How to Style Italian Gold Jewelry

Italian gold typically makes for a bright, ornately-crafted statement piece. To channel the classy, vintage, couture looks that one might spot in the cafes and museums of Italy, pair your accessories with black, white and sumptuous jewel tones; rich, solid colors and sharp, elegant silhouettes. 

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How to Take Care of Italian Gold Jewelry

Here are some of the most important tips I can give for taking care of your Italian gold:

  • To keep it in its vivid and gleaming condition, clean it occasionally with warm water, mild detergent-free soap and a soft brush.
  • If your accessory is all-metal, some people also recommend soaking your it in the soapy water, either for a few minutes or a few hours depending on how dirty it is.
  • If your gold jewelry has gemstones set in it, you need to use a bit more caution. Some gemstones will get damaged if you soak them.
  • When you’re finished wearing your Italian gold for the day, store it separately from other types of metal jewelry. As mentioned earlier, gold is a fairly soft metal even when mixed with traces of other stronger ones. If you store gold near silver or platinum jewelry, it could get scratched.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Italian Gold Jewelry

What makes Italian gold jewelry special?

Italian gold jewelry is special because it contains a higher level of gold than typical gold jewelry. This higher purity also gives it a brighter color. 

How to tell if Italian gold jewelry is real?

You can assess whether Italian gold jewelry is real by taking it to a jeweler, performing an acid test and/or examining the purity stamp inscription. Italian gold will typically have a three-digit number written on it rather than a karat measurement.

Is Italian gold jewelry good quality?

Yes, authentic Italian gold jewelry is of superior quality to regular gold jewelry from a purity standpoint. It contains more actual gold. However, from a durability standpoint, regular gold jewelry is better because it contains higher amounts of other stronger metals. 

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