The Christmas season, for all its beauty and fun, can also come with a lot of stress. But with classy and festive accessories from JTV, one thing you won’t have to stress about is your look. While you’re planning and shopping for gifts for your loved ones, not only is jewelry a great gift idea, but you should also remember to treat yourself. 

A woman in a white dress wearing a diamond ring and holding a present with a pink bow
Featuring: Diamond Jewelry by JTV

Red Christmas Jewelry

Wearing red jewelry for Christmas evokes imagery of holly berries, poinsettias, and the warmth of a spot next to the fireplace. This is the Christmas color to adorn yourself with if you enjoy being bold and standing out. You can create a festive, dramatic contrast by pairing red jewelry with clothes in white, pastel or navy blue, pastel pink, camel, silver, gold, black or dark green.

The two most well-known options for red jewelry are ruby and garnet. Ruby comes in a very classic Christmas red shade, while garnet puts a seductive and mysterious burgundy twist on the color. 

A set of gold ruby jewelry that includes a necklace, ring and earrings
Featuring: Ruby Jewelry by JTV
A gold garnet halo ring with a gold ribbon in the background
Featuring: Garnet Jewelry by JTV

Additional Types of Red Jewelry

  • Carnelian Jewelry (a hybrid of red, orange and brown)
  • Rhodolite Jewelry (a deep wine-colored red-purple)
  • Topaz Jewelry (a bright red similar to ruby)
  • Zircon Jewelry (red with a slight purple-brown tint)

Green Christmas Jewelry

Accessorizing with green jewelry for the holidays kindles one of the most prominent Christmas symbols - the beautifully textured needles and fresh scent of evergreen trees. Green gemstones come in a wide range of shades for every preference and can be used to make a statement or add a subtle finishing touch. To look your best in green jewelry, pair it with a pastel pink, white, red, black, fuchsia, gray, silver, gold or dark blue outfit. 

Two green gemstones that you will commonly see, especially this time of year, are emerald and chrome diopside. Emerald is the quintessential dark green with an ever-so-slight cool tone, while chrome diopside is another deep green that contains an intriguing trace of brown. 

A silver chrome diopside ring sitting on a white tile
Featuring: Chrome Diopside Jewelry by JTV

Additional Types of Green Jewelry

  • Jadeite Jewelry (an opaque medium green)
  • Onyx Jewelry (a very dark, opaque green)
  • Peridot Jewelry (a pale, bright yellow-green)
  • Prasiolite Jewelry (an unconventional, very pale blue-green)
  • Zircon Jewelry (either an olive or yellow-green)

White Christmas Jewelry

White jewelry is one of the most versatile colors of jewelry you can own, but it especially suits the wintertime. These gemstones glimmer like fresh, crisp snowflakes and will have admirers dreaming of a white Christmas. Another plus is that white goes with nearly every color - some of the most elegant combinations are with red, green, pink, magenta, light or dark blue, black, silver or gold. 

White gemstones can count two of the most beloved gemstones as theirs - diamond and pearl. Diamonds, with their exquisite clarity and reflective qualities, sparkle like fairy lights. Pearls, on the other hand, with their subtle, opaque sheen, recall the glow of a loved ones’ joyful expression by candlelight. 

A silver moissanite ring sitting in the middle of a small wreath
A pair of pearl drop earrings sitting on top of a green ribbon in a white dish
Featuring: Pearl Jewelry by JTV

Additional Types of White Jewelry

  • Fabulite Jewelry (a diamond alternative)
  • Moissanite Jewelry (a diamond alternative)
  • Moonstone Jewelry (an iridescent white with blue overtones)
  • Mother of Pearl Jewelry (a warm, iridescent cream-white)
  • Opal Jewelry (an opaque white with a rainbow of iridescent flecks)
  • Quartz Jewelry (either clear or cloudy white)
  • Zircon Jewelry (a diamond alternative)

Whether you’re staying cozy inside with family gatherings and movie marathons or going out on the town for parties and ice-skating, jewelry that twinkles with the colors of Christmas will keep you in the spirit! 

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Erin McIntyre

After writing this article and conjuring all that festive imagery, Erin had to light a balsam fir candle, put on some plaid pajamas and watch “Die Hard” (because it is a Christmas movie). 

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Erin McIntyre