Uppercase Letter Metal Stamps Set Of 27 Approx 3mm Typewriter Style With Zip Pouch And Instructions

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Uppercase Letter Metal Stamps Set Of 27 Approximately 3mm Typewriter Style With Zippered Pouch And Instructions. This Set Contains Letters A-z And (&) Symbol.

Uppercase letter metal stamps set of 27 approximately 3mm typewriter style with zippered pouch and instructions. This set contains letters A-Z and (&) symbol. For the crafter who loves to make jewelry. Jewel School(TM) is your one stop shop to order all the essentials for making crafty and unique pieces of jewelry to call your own. Jewelry Television(TM) provides you beads of every color, tools and supplies for every job and totes to keep you completely organized. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, we've got what it takes to bring your gem and jewelry art designs to life. Create the jewelry you love and save money during the process, just what you have to come to expect from Jewelry Television(TM) the world's largest retailer of loose gemstones and your beading headquarters.

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Stamp Set
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Jewel School

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Product came with Incorrect font & sizeI received my order today. I had been waiting for this to arrive because the typewriter font was supposed to be my anchor stamp. But to my disappointment one of the letter inside the sealed, all new package was a 2mm of another font. I hope that this company sends me the correct one soon. I have customers waiting for this. November 17, 2013



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