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DermaGem ™Totally Flawless Makeup Kit

Best Make Up Ever

"I really like this makeup for the simple reason it is fast and you look great after applying. It takes about 5 minutes or less and you're off. I never really liked having to spend a lot of time with makeup and all kinds of brushes and applications. This can be as simple or as involved as you may want to make it. It is really simple though, you don't need a lot, and it is very natural looking and not cakey or heavy. I've tried other brands (mineral) before but this really is quite different. I've gone about 10hrs and only had to re-apply my lips throughout the day. I looked just as good at the end of the day as I did at the start. I'm quite impressed with this make up. Thanks JTV."

- KitchenLady, Port Charlotte, FL


"I have tried other mineral makeup without much success. When I first used this product, I was amazed. For the first time, I was using a mineral makeup that didn't make me look blotchy or emphasized facial lines. I certainly will never go back to any other makeup. I had been a user of a very big name brand product, but there is no comparison in my appearance. By the way, I am an over 60 year old woman who has taken care of her skin since early teen; therefore, my skin is not typical for my age. I wish I had had this product since my teens."

- Aquarius63 , Oklahoma City, OK

The Best

"I have tried nearly all of the mineral makeup in the market, and this is the best to me. It doesn't have the glitter of some, and does not contain the ingredient that most contain which causes acne. It gives a very smooth finish. It is not a heavy coverage.My only complaint is the lack of shades. I have a medium cool tone skin and the golden medium would be too yellow, so I chose the light which is a little too light, but maybe I will get the medium and mix them."

- pink, Arizona

DermaGem™ 4 Carat Essentials Kit

Great Purchase

"I was nervous purchasing so many products for my face but I am really glad I did. This kit does everything it is suppose to do and more (if possible). Moving to Florida my skin has really changed and my face especially has dried out in areas. In just one day after using these products I could feel a difference in my skin and within three days there was a glow to my skin. The only thing else I used with this kit was the deep moisturizer I ordered extra. These products really work and you get quick results too."

- KitchenLady , Port Charlotte, FL

Almost the Fountain of Youth

"I am 57 years old, and everyone has told me that I look a lot younger. Since I've been using the 4 Carat DermaGem, I've been mistaken for one of my daughters. How exciting is that? The lines on my face are starting to get smaller and smaller and I think that DermaGem products are as close to the "Fountain of Youth" as we can get. Any women that are reading this and haven't gotten it yet, please take my word for it. Get it! Thank you JTV."

- Susan52, Nashua, NH

Simply Fabulous!!!!

"Ok, so I have done an entire week of faithful skin care. It was so easy to do. I just followed the directions and my skin already looks so much better. I have had many compliments. People are not sure what it is that I have done but they know something is different. I may wait another week before I let them know what I am doing. I want a 2 week head start on everyone else. Shameful I know but....... what can a girl do. This is too good to share yet."

- Smoothasilk, Knoxville, TN

DermaGem™ Time Reverse Moisture Lock Treatment

Great Product

"I used this the first night after receiving my kits, and WOW I couldn't believe my skin the next morning. I really didn't think I would see any changes so quickly. This product is really good especially if you have troubled dry areas on your face. It's quite a different type cream than what we are use to using. I really like it and you don't have to use it all the time either. When you are done applying to your face it's great to apply to your hands and cuticles. So far I am very pleased with all my purchases in this new product line."

- KitchenLady, Port Charlotte, FL

DermaGem™ Luminosity Facial Trio

Now I have all the products!

"Ok, here is my update. I have all of the products now. I have to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all. My very favorite thing is the mask. After I use it my face is so soft and it glows. I am over 50 years old and have been married for I think 100 years. When MY husband says that I look amazing then you know it is working. I use all of the products and I have to agree that the kabuki brush is not the best I use one that I already had. All I know is that I look better and that makes me feel better. I have told all my friends about DermaGem and they are all buying it too. We all love it and want to say a BIG thank you to JTV for bringing us these fab products!"

- smoothassilk, Knoxville, TN

I'm in Love!

"Wow. Where do I start? I happened to turn on JTV and saw the preview of the new skin care line by JTV. I watched with a bit of doubt until I saw the before and after results on TV. I thought I'd give myself a few days to decide if the product would really be all that it's said to be, before I purchased. Mothers Day was upon us and my family saw that this was on my wish list, and ordered the Luminosity Facial Trio for me. I was so excited! I love the feel of my skin after the "diamond" wash. My face feels smooth, and so cool from the peppermint. The next day I noticed when I wiped my forehead with my wrist I had a diamond sheen! Wow. Not only does my face feel good, it looks great as well. I'm sold! This is going to be my new gifts for birthdays and Christmas! :)"

- Tkdtanya, Washington

Will continue to Purchase

"OMG!! I received my order today - The products are unbelievable - my skin not only feels soft & luxurious it looks soft and beautiful. Who would have thought that after only one application you can really see a difference (most companies make this claim but never live up to it). The product is everything and more than what was presented at the debut showing. I'm very pleased and will continue to purchase not only this product but try the entire line of products. Thanks JTV for a fabulous product!"

- klip

DermaGem™ Brilliantly Youthful Eye Kit

Best of the Best

"I've used another product for a very long time and as soon as I started using the Dermagem Eye Kit I started seeing immediate results. I am 57 years old and I've always looked younger than I am, (about 10 years) but not only have I seen a difference, but all my friends and family have noticed also. Thank you JTV. It may not be exactly the "Fountain of Youth", but it's close."

- Susan52, Nashua, NH

DermaGem™ Review Disclaimer

JTV® and DermaGem™ believe that these customer reviews represent the results that most customers will generally achieve through the use of these cosmetics. But you should not assume that your experience will be just the same. Skin is very individual, and your experience may be different. We stand behind our products and invite anyone who may be dissatisfied after using them to return them to JTV.

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