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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams - AJP, DCA

Crowned Miss Teen North Carolina in 1993 and intending to later practice law, Wendy Williams never dreamed she would end up pursuing a career in the home shopping business. But what woman can say "no" to rubies and diamonds? After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Campbell University's School of Law, and even practicing law in Charlotte, N.C., she made a significant career change and joined the Jewelry Television® family more than five years ago. Wendy says the most interesting aspect of her job is learning each gem's historical and technical details.

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"I'm fond of tanzanite because of its beauty and rarity, and of course, diamonds are a must-have!"

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Wendy Williams

A Day in the Life: Wendy says she was born to shop, and it's hard not to buy all of the jewelry she lays her hands on. Wendy's favorite part of the job is hearing from customers who are excited about jewelry they purchase with her.

Fun Facts: "There's nothing better than spending a day with my two children on a boat! I love the water."

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