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Cheryl Ells

Cheryl Ells - GG, CSA, DCA

Cheryl Ells has had a passion for gems since she was a young girl growing up in Washington State. “It all started when I was given a rock polisher one year for Christmas. I’d find what looked like ugly rocks, but after time in the polisher I would have a gem!” That love carried into adulthood. Cheryl attended the New York Campus of GIA and graduated with her G.G. and AJP diplomas in 2003. Since then she has worked in the industry educating and sharing her love of gems with thousands of people. Prior to being a gem expert Cheryl sailed all around the world on Scientific Research Ships as a Merchant Mariner assisting with research from dolphins to Deep Sea Vents. “One of my most prized possessions is a manganese rock that came from the ocean floor three miles down!”

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“Its hard to pick just one, but I do love Tanzanite and Paraiba Tourmaline. Both have such rich colors and beauty."

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Cheryl Ells

Fashion Tip: "I think every person should own at least one gemstone they really love! I’m a ring girl, I like to look down and see the gem I’m wearing. It makes me feel closer to the gem!”

Fun Fact: In addition to working at Jewelry Television, Cheryl works with animal rescue groups helping sick and abandoned animals. She currently has five rescue dogs that found their forever home with Cheryl.

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