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AQR033 Set Of 6 Tanjaka Aquamarine Minimum 1.00ctw Mm Varies Round
$35.00 save 56%
Special Offer!
XTG4432 Brazilian Aquamarine 16.92ct 16.40x16.02x10.49mm Square Cushion Sgl Report/ Appraisal $11,250.00
XTG4522 African Aquamarine 125.35ct 35.33x28.57x17.28mm Emerald Cut Comes With Gal Cert/Appraisal $20,000.00
AAV186 Mozambique Aquamarine Average 1.40ct 9x7mm Oval
avg. rating 4.67
AAV209 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 2.40ct 10x8mm Oval
AAE120 Mozambique Aquamarine Average .75ct 7x5mm Emerald Cut
avg. rating 4.50
AQV097 Tanjaka Aquamarine Minimum .60ct 8x4mm Oval
$27.50 save 50%
Special Offer!
AQV086 Tanjaka Aquamarine Minimum .35ct 6x4mm Oval
Special Offer!
AQP026 African Tanjaka Aquamarine Average .25ct 6x4mm Pear Shape
avg. rating 4.50
Special Offer!
GP6164 Madagascan Aquamarine Parcel Of 20.00ctw Mm Varies Mixed Shape
AQP027 African Tanjaka Aquamarine Average .25ct 6x4mm Pear Shape
avg. rating 3.33
Special Offer!
AAV217 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 2.00ct 10x8mm Oval
AQV092 Tanjaka Aquamarine Minimum .75ct 7x5mm Oval
Special Offer!
AAE148 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 1.35ct 7x7mm Square Emerald Cut
AAE139 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 3.00ct 10x8mm Rectangular Octagonal Radiant Cut
XTP1192 Madagascan Untreated Aquamarine 4.13ct 10.96x10.89x7.27mm Trillion
SK002 Sonja Kreis Brazilian Aquamarine 20.00ct 25.73x15.82x9.50mm Fancy Cut Kreis-cut With Gem Certificate
AAV203 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 3.40ct 11x9mm Oval
AAV212 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 2.50ct 11x9mm Oval
AAE145 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 1.60ct 9x7mm Rectangular Octagonal Checkerboard Cut
AAV219 Mozambique Aquamarine Minimum 1.80ct 10x8mm Oval
TST10952 Mozambique Aquamarine 1.60ct 9.6x7.8mm Oval
SCK431 Namibian Aquamarine Approximately 6.3x2.5 Centimeters Free Form Specimen
AQV054 African Tanjaka Aquamarine Average .35ct 6x4mm Oval
avg. rating 5.00
Special Offer!
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