Masasi Bordeaux Garnet™

Published: Dec 2011
by Ashish Rawat, Royal Touch; Jerry Sisk & Shawn O’Sullivan, JTV; Bear & Cara Williams, StoneGroup Labs

You may have heard of Malaia Garnet named from the Swahili word meaning “no family.” Malaia Garnet is a mixture of garnet species and belongs to no major garnet family. JTV's Masasi Bordeaux Garnet takes this a step further as it includes 3 different garnet species: grossularite, almandite, and spessartite. This unique blend is unparalleled in both its uniqueness and beauty!

The mining area for Masasi Bordeaux Garnet is located in Southern Tanzania, an 8 to 10 hour drive south of the Merelani Hills and is home to the one generational gemstone, tanzanite. The region is prone to severe droughts and a rainy season. Approximately 80% of the population has ties to the farming industry yet others are engaged in mineral exploration and mining. To date, this area has produced sapphire, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, coral and red garnet, and most recently Masasi Blue Garnet and now Masasi Bordeaux Garnet.

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Masasi Bordeaux Garnet is a color shifting gemstone that changes from a honey peach to a honey salmon. Color shift is observable in very few gemstones that include garnet, sapphire, and fluorite. Masasi Bordeaux Garnet's hue changes as it is exposed to different lighting environments. To view the color shift, simply observe this garnet indoors under incandescent lighting and then take it outside. The gem's beauty will amaze you. Masasi Bordeaux Garnet is uniform in color with a hardness rating of 7 to 7.5 on Mohs scale making them a durable gem well suited for jewelry making.

Masasi Bordeaux Garnet was only discovered a few short months ago. Quick to let us know of any exciting discoveries in Tanzania, one of JTV's most trusted vendors quickly brought us samples of this “multi-garnet” gem. Even the most seasoned buyers who have witnessed the unveiling of thousands of gems in their careers can’t contain their excitement for Masasi Bordeaux Garnet.

JTV has been informed that Masasi Bordeaux Garnet has a greater availability than Masasi Blue Garnet yet we can never be sure how long this deposit will last. This is an alluvial deposit, meaning the material has been transported (most likely by water) to its current location. Generally, alluvial deposits are of finer quality than those in a primary source location.

All of the Masasi Bordeaux Garnet production has been fashioned by expert cutters in Jaipur. Available in ovals and rounds, the cutters are the same ones who cut nearly all of JTV's tanzanite gems. They make no compromises and deliver only the finest cut gemstones! Masasi Bordeaux Garnet is available exclusively at Jewelry Television and won’t be found anywhere else!

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