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We know what it's like to be smitten with rare, sparkling treasures and we keep our prized collection in The Vault. If you've shopped in The Vault, you've realized that it holds a wide assortment of gemstones--more than two dozen varieties in a range of prices, from around $100 to over $80,000. The gemstones in The Vault aren't the most expensive, but they are the best examples of their type. We practice a "good, better, best" strategy for The Vault, so that everyone with a passion for gemstone collecting can own truly fine gems. But where to begin?

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Jewelry Education

Published: May 2011
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Gemstone Definitions and Terms

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How to Set Gemstones

Modified: April 2011
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How to Identify Gemstones

Modified: April 2011
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Engagement Rings

Learn all about diamond and colored gemstone engagement rings. Read More

Fire Opal

Learn more about the beautiful opal variety, Mexican Fire Opal. Read More

Titanic Jewelry Collection™

Meet the women of the Titanic and see the jewelry they wore aboard. Read More

Jewelry Education

Jewelry Education - Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Clasps. Read More


Morganite is the pretty, peachy-pink variety of beryl. Read More

Garnet Colors and Varieties

Learn about the colors and varieties of the beautiful gemstone Garnet. Read More

Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal

Ethiopian opals originate from volcanic activity. Read More

Spinel, The Mystery Stone

Learn why spinel is named the mystery stone.
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Metal Finishes on Jewelry

All jewelry has some form of metal finish. Read More

The Gemopedia™ is your all-in-one resource for gemstone history and education. Discover exotic gem colors, gem shapes, gemstone properties, and more to help you identify and enjoy the gems in your collection. Visit the Gemopedia™ to see more!








From abalone to zircon, learn about gemstone and jewelry terms in our extensive photographic glossary.
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Gemstone Identification

Learn to tell topaz from tourmaline and one blue stone from another using our gemstone identification guide.
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Gem Enhancements and Care

It's important to understand how and if the gemstones in your collection are enhanced to help you properly care for and keep them looking their best for generations.
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