Jooltool (Tm) Glass Grinding And Polishing Kit

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Product Description

Jooltool Glass Grinding And Polishing Kit. Jewel School Presents The Glass Grinding And Polishing Kit. This Kit Contains Each Of The Following: 2 3-packs Ninja Hard Backpads, 1 Single Ninja Hard Backpad, A 3-pack 3m Ninja Rubber Backing Cushions, 2 Single 3m Ninja Rubber Baking Cushions, A 3m 250 Micron Flex Diamond Grinding Tool, A 3m Medium Microfinishing Diamond, A 3m Trizact Ninja Kit (35,20,10,5 Micron), A 3m Cerium Oxide Stone/Glass High Polish, A 3m Finger Wrap And An Instructional Dvd.

Jooltool (TM) Glass Grinding and Polishing Kit. Jewel School (TM) presents the Jooltool Glass Grinding and Polishing Kit. This Jewelry Television (TM) exclusive kit contains the following: 2 3-packs ninja hard backpads, 1 single ninja hard backpad, a 3-pack 3M ninja rubber backing cushions, 2 single 3M ninja rubber baking cushions, a 3M 250 micron flex diamond grinding tool, a 3M medium microfinishing diamond, a 3M trizact ninja kit (35,20,10,5 micron), a 3M cerium oxide stone/glass high polish, a 3M finger wrap and an instructional dvd. Jewel School is your jewelry making destination for all the essentials to make unique, one of a kind jewelry designs. For use with the Jooltool JTV Sku JST458. Jewel School is your jewelry making destination for all the essentials to make unique, one of a kind jewelry designs. Jewel School features a huge selection of beads, wire, findings and jewelry making tools. Jewel School also offers free jewelry making instruction through our free video on demand content as well as free jewelry making design tips from top design experts! Whether you are a beginner to jewelry making or a professional, we have the selection you need to bring your jewelry making designs to life. Explore the wonderful world of jewelry making! Jewel School is brought to you by Jewelry Television, the world's largest retailer of loose gemstones and your jewelry making headquarters.

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Jewelry Making Tool Kit
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Jewel School

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NOT A LAPIDARY TOOLNOT a Lapidary tool. You CANNOT facet or cabochon February 21, 2014

Age: 18-29

Gender: Female



FANTASTIC!Please read my write-up dated 01/02/12 for the Jooltool itself. The accessories just make it even better for working with my warmglass designs. September 24, 2012

Age: 60-69

Purchased as a gift: No, it is not a gift.

Gender: Female



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