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Alamanda Mode Raquel Style Beaded Man Made Glass Necklace

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Product Description

Alamanda Mode Raquel Style Beaded Man Made Glass Necklace. This Necklace Adjusts From 16-17 Inches And Features A Beaded Ball Shape Closure.

Alamanda Mode Raquel style beaded man made glass necklace. This necklace adjusts from 16-17 inches and features a beaded ball shape closure. Introducing a kaleidoscopic accessory collection inspired by the colorful showy plant known as the Alamanda. Rapidly becoming one of the most popular tropical garden shrubs, the Alamanda is also known as the Golden Trumpet and was named in honor of a famous botanist. Much like the flowering shrub that produces flowers throughout the year, the Alamanda Mode accessories will add a splash of vibrant color to your wardrobe. Handcrafted in Bali Indonesia, this collection is rich in color and spice. The local Malay artisans are extremely talented and possess incredible levels of artistic skills. Unfortunately, this unique talent is rapidly disappearing and is only expected to last for two more generations. Providing a true sense of Indonesia's history and culture, each piece from this colorful and artistic collection will add spice and culture to your wardrobe. Beautify your world today with Alamanda Mode Accessories only on Jewelry Television and

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Cotton Line
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Alamanda Mode
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So prettyThis is a beautiful necklace. I purchased three of these Alamanda Mode necklaces and they are all gorgeous. I cannot get over the fact that they are all hand made and the prices were so reasonable. If any are left at these prices, I'd advise to grab them before they are gone. August 26, 2013



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