Tray 3 $200-$500 Diamond Deals

Position 1-a
10k wg .75ctw rd/ bg diamond ring
Position 2-a
10k wg 1.00ctw rd dia flower design pend/ chn pnk rhod settings
Position 3-a
10k wg 1.00ctw rd/bg dia ring
Position 4-a
14k wg .50ctw round diamond hoop ers
Position 5-a
10k .25ctw rd white/ trtd purple diamond band
Position 6-a
10k .85ctw rd manet natural multicolor diamond(tm) pd shades may vary
Position 7-a
10k wg 1.25ctw rd white/ pc trtd india green diamond(tm) ring
Position 8-a
10k .50ctw rd/bg diamond earrings
Position 9-a
10k wg .50 ctw rd wht/ pc trtd sunglo! yellow diamond(tm) ring
Position 10-a
10k wg .50ctw round diamond earrings
Position 11-a
10k wg 1.00ctw bg wht/ rd trtd blue velvet diamond (tm) ring w/blue rhodium
Position 12-a
14k .35ctw rd natural yellow diamond earring.
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