Lazee Daizee (Tm) Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool Kit With Color Photo Steps By Stephanie Eddy

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Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Wire Weaving Tool Kit. This Kit Includes The Following: Lazee Daizee 6-loop Easy Start Head Insert, 1/4 Inch Rod, Pin Tool, Draw Plate, Draw Chart, Conditioning Fabric, Travel Pouch (Color Will Vary), Wire Clipper, Practice Wire - Silver Non-tarnish 26 Gauge X 30 Feet And 20 Gauge X 3 Feet And Copper Natural Non-tarnish 26 Ga X 25 Ft And 20 Ga X 3 Ft Wire, Toggle, 2 Ea 8mm Beads, Jump Rings And Color Photo Steps By Stephanie Eddy Instructions And Finishing Techniques.

Lazee Daizee viking knit wire weaving tool kit. This kit includes the following: Lazee Daizee 6-loop easy start head insert, 1/4 inch rod, pin tool, draw plate, draw chart, conditioning fabric, travel pouch (color will vary), wire clipper, Practice wire - Silver Non-Tarnish 26 gauge x 30 feet and 20 gauge x 3 feet and Copper Natural Non-Tarnish 26 gauge x 25 feet and 20 gauge x 3 feet wire, Toggle, 2 ea 8mm beads, jump rings and color photo Steps by Steph instructions and finishing techniques. SUPPLIES NEEDED: ROUND NOSE PLIERS. CAUTION: Chocking hazard, contains small sharp parts. Do not store or expose to heat in excess of 100 degrees for a prolonged period, warping may occur. Viking Knit chainwork is a centuries-old form of weaving a single length of wire into a tubular mesh form that can be refined into a smooth symmetrical wire chain with the use of a draw plate. In modern times the weave is usually created around a stationary form such as a dowel or allen wrench or can be woven freehand. The Lazee Daizee Viking Knit tool brings the ancient art of Viking Knit into the 21st century by eliminating the need for any set-up, cumbersome vises or make-shift forms. You can also make decorative end caps.

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Wire Wrap Kit
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Jewel School

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