Gemstone Discovery App by JTV

Build and organize a customized and personal gemstone catalog anytime and anywhere. Enhance your gemological education and add to your growing passion for collecting gemstones with the JTV Gemstone Discovery App. 

The app is perfect for anyone from gemstone industry professionals to budding gem enthusiasts and beginner collectors. It’s the ideal tool for anyone with a professional desire to learn more about gems and gemology, or if you simply love gemstones and want to increase your knowledge. The app is easy-to-use with simple and practical features and the gemstone knowledge will be invaluable.

Our newest app feature, Gemstone ID, allows you to identify your own gemstones and store them in your Master Collection quickly and easily. You can also create a record for each gemstone with important facts, appraisal documents, photos and other details all in one place. You can even catalog, filter and sort your gemstones into exclusive collections you set up. Uncover professional gemstone knowledge and learn more about becoming a gemstone collector, all at your fingertips!

Explore gem collections, discover gemstone facts and learn straight from the experts with the JTV Gemstone Discovery app.

  • Our new Gemstone ID tool guides you through the gemstone identification process
  • Upload and organize your gemstone collection in this easy-to-use and unique interface
  • Have immediate access to your JTV gemstone purchases with the ability to automatically catalog gemstones into specialized collections of your choice
  • View inspiring photos of gemstone and mineral collections
  • Watch interviews with prominent JTV gemstone community members
  • Learn from stimulating JTV Gemopedia™ content
Mobile phone displaying Gemstone Discovery App