Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

Update your style for the season and add some fashionable flair with a new twist on classic looks and dramatic designs that dare you to be different. From edgy and elegant to playful and poignant, we have the perfect pieces for your fall jewelry wardrobe.

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Gem Encrusted

Make a statement with big and bright gemstone jewelry designed to sparkle and standout.

Color of the Year: Blue

Color of the Year: Blue

Never be out of style with the nostalgic and timeless look of the color of the year in blue gemstone jewelry.

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Opulent Earrings

Ooze glamour with extravagant earrings in luxurious and larger-than-life looks.



Go to great lengths and create your own unique look with chain jewelry for any occasion.

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Inspirational Jewelry Trends


Empower yourself and others with meaningful jewelry that speaks from the heart and soul.

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Spirit Animal

Be anything but tame with daring designs that show off your wild and whimsical side. 

Liven up your wardrobe with JTV's fall jewelry trends

JTV is excited to present the hottest jewelry trends for fall 2020. Discover the latest looks and new fashion finds for any occasion, or stock up on all of your favorites to add to your wardrobe. Go big and bold with colorful creations to catch everyone's eye or simple and subtle with polished pieces to show off your personal style. You'll fall in love with JTV's fall jewelry trends that will transform your look and turn heads this season.

Gem Encrusted:

Brighten your day with captivating and colorful looks designed to help you sparkle and shine this season. The vibrant hues and brilliant fire of our fashion jewelry in a rainbow of colors will revitalize your wardrobe and enhance your everyday style. Be radiant with glittering gemstone jewelry as a pop of color and the perfect piece for any occasion.

Color of the Year: Blue

Representing both the sky and the sea, the beautiful hues of blue represent the Color of the Year. Timeless and elegant, nostalgic blue is a calming shade that instills confidence and connection. The classic and simple coloring of blue looks perfect on anyone. Blue jewelry can be worn as a single statement piece or as a playful accent color. Discover this breathtaking hue in gemstone jewelry such as blue sapphire, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, and alexandrite.

Opulent Earrings:

Elevate your look and your lobes with extravagant earrings that are sure to make a statement. From trendy tassel looks to captivating chandelier earrings, our elegant earring collection is the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. Treat your ears to a touch of glamour and sophistication with sparkling styles to make you stand out and shine.


Complement your look and wardrobe with the perfect chain from JTV. Chains are an essential fashion piece for every jewelry wardrobe. On their own or paired with your favorite pendant or charm, our selection of chains are the perfect length for every look. Showcase your individual style by mixing and matching your favorite chain necklaces. From casual and elegant to big and bold, our chains will look great on anyone, for any occasion.


Speak to your heart and mind with inspirational jewelry from JTV. Whether you’re looking to inspire yourself, motivate others, or show your love, our meaningful jewelry will communicate a message of positivity and happiness. These subtle and stunning styles will help remind you of the important things in your life.

Spirit Animal:

Show off your wild side with animal jewelry from JTV. From cute critters like dogs and cats to exotic animals such as elephants and lions, our daring designs are the perfect way to express your personality and style with looks for the animal lover in you.