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Looks for Less is all about bringing you amazing deals and jewelry looks you’ll love for a lot Less. Our buyers are on the hunt throughout the year for the hottest looks and designer fashions of the season in jewelry. Our buyers are opportunistic and entrepreneurial, so when a fabulous look comes along, we negotiate the best price and pass those savings on to you!

Looks for Less
Kristen Keech and Dawn Tesh

Dawn Tesh - AJP, CSA, DCA

Chicago native Dawn Tesh is no stranger to the camera. A Jewelry Television® host for more than 17 years, she put herself through college modeling across the U.S. and Europe. She earned her undergraduate degree in accounting, but it was her love for fashion and jewelry that made her transition to Jewelry Television® a natural one.

Dawn Tesh




Kristen Keech - AJP, CSA, DCA
With years of music, theatre and commercial experience, Kristen Keech crossed over into the broadcast arena while in college. To Kristen, the most rewarding part of being a show host is having the opportunity to spend time with families all over the country.

Kristen Keech