Shayna Richie

Over the years Shayna Richie has spent time in Los Angeles and gained experience in production and casting roles within the entertainment industry. One of her first and truest loves has always been a fascination with all things sparkly including jewelry and gems. Shayna’s passion for connecting with others and her love of jewelry was the perfect fit for her role as a host at JTV.

My Favorite Gemstone

Who doesn’t love larimar? It’s one of my favorites because of the color, with those amazing shades of blue, and the swirls of white are simply beautiful.  Larimar is a single source gemstone and one of our most liked gems at JTV.


More About Shayna Richie

In her spare time, Shayna enjoys spending time in nature, while exploring all of the incredible creations and destinations this world has to offer.

Shayna Richie