Ryan-Ashley Anderson

Ryan-Ashley Anderson has been making jewelry since before she knew what beads were. First, with daisies in her front yard, then with embroidery thread. By the time she got to elementary school, she had become known for her bracelet booth around the neighborhood. And no wonder...bracelets were only $0.50 for kids and $1.00 for adults! Ryan-Ashley started publishing DIY tutorials as early as eighth grade and has spent the past 17 years honing her skills with beads and textiles. She started teaching knitting at 16 and jewelry-making in her early 20s.

Sharing the love of craft and a love for each other has always been important to Ryan-Ashley. When she decided to break into the advertising and marketing world, Ryan-Ashley wanted to share what she was learning with other makers and make a difference too. 

Over the years, Ryan-Ashley has partnered with Madewell, Bonnaroo, the artist Jewel, The Maker City, GreenHill NC Markets for Makers, Knoxville Graphic House, The Emporium, The DryGoods Shop/Overlap Sewing Studios, Dogwood Arts, along with other businesses and organizations throughout the southeast to bring DIY and marketing workshops to the community. She has also partnered with Girls, Inc. and To Write Love on Her Arms to teach skills to at-risk youth. Her mission in life is to help kids build confidence through crafting and continues to pursue opportunities to reach underserved communities.

My Favorite Gemstone


“There’s something about wearing Jade that just makes one feel so … finished. And working with it? Nothing inspires me more than when I work with Jade. Not to mention the fact that it looks great on everyone."

Jade gemstone

More About Ryan-Ashley Anderson

Fashion Tip

There’s no such thing as “too much” jewelry when it makes you feel confident and beautiful. Layer those necklaces! Stack those bangles! Wear a ring on every finger! Whatever you do, just do you, and do it big! And don’t forget the side tuck. I live by the side tuck rule and no shirt escapes it.

A Day in the Life

What you see on social media is pretty much what you get — jewelry-making, fashion, fitness, and puppy love … and a cat. You can’t forget "Wiggy the cat" who occasionally makes a very deliberate appearance.

Ryan-Ashley's Go-To Vacation Piece

I NEVER leaves town without at least one chunky layerable gold chain necklace, a few stackable gold rings and a simple pair of earrings. Basically anything Global Destinations and Moda Al Massimo from JTV.

Fun Fact 

I once dropped everything to join Jewel’s 2017 Handmade Holiday Tour! I traveled the whole country for a month, teaching DIY jewelry-making and exhibiting as a guest designer on Jewel’s tour. The most memorable part? Getting out of the tour bus bed for the last time. Those things are so tiny you can’t even turn over!

What Ryan-Ashley does when she’s not on-air

I am ALWAYS busy. Even when I’m watching a movie, I’m also organizing beads or making jewelry. Most of my time is spent designing, being active, researching fashion, exploring all things ‘arts and culture’, cooking and hanging with my pets. I also love interior design, so I spend a lot of time tweaking the interiors of my home and re-imagining spaces.

The most memorable pieces in Ryan-Ashley’s Jewelry Box

Each piece has a story, but there are three gold stacking rings I bought for myself over ten years ago on a trip to Portland, Oregon that remain daily go-to’s. They were the beginning of a style and design journey that led to where I am today. Not only are they simple and stylish, but they remain special and symbolic.

Ryan-Ashley’s Go-To Gifts from JTV

PEARLS! Everybody loves them; everybody wants them; everybody needs them. You can’t go wrong with pearls because everyone has an occasion to wear them.

Ryan-Ashley Anderson