Leslie Delery - AJP

Leslie joined JTV in June 2019 and is an Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) accredited by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She brings a wealth of experience in both hosting and sales and has always had an obsession with jewelry. Having worked and consulted for various Fortune 500 companies, Leslie strongly believes in the power jewelry can have on the person wearing it, such as how a certain color, the shape of a necklace or a hoop earring can alter your mood completely. She is also passionate about sharing her appreciation of the science and history of gemstones.

Prior to joining JTV, Leslie was an on-air host in New York City. She had the opportunity to work with many beloved companies, including Carrera of America and AT&T, and taught the audience in a variety of areas from cybersecurity to NYC real estate to toy cars. In addition to her broadcasting work, Leslie also once served as an advisor and sales professional to Fortune 500 companies on marketing and analytics. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

More About Leslie Delery

A Day in the Life

When she’s not on air, Leslie is likely cooking, exploring her new home in Knoxville, listening to sermons or FaceTiming with her many nieces and nephews, sisters and parents, all of whom have become JTV addicts.  Born a California girl but raised in New Jersey, Leslie spends her time off traveling to visit friends and family.  She’s also a HUGE fan of college basketball, so you may hear her talk about it on air.

Leslie Delery