Kristen Keech - AJP, CSA, DCA

Kristen Keech was born and raised in Pennsylvania and began her performing career at age three. With years of music, theatre and commercial experience, Kristen crossed over into the broadcast arena while in college. Before graduating college she began working in on-air retail with another company, both on camera and behind the scenes. The day she set foot in the studio she knew that this is what she was going to do for the rest of her life. To Kristen, the most rewarding part of being a show host is having the opportunity to spend time with families all over the country. The ability to be welcomed in to a viewer's home and to be afforded the opportunity to spend time with them is a gift beyond explanation.

She believes that a show host's job is all about the connection and relationship with the customers. She says that she is honored and blessed to be able to have such great relationships with so many wonderful people!

My Favorite Gemstone

Ethiopian Opal

"It has magnificent color play and is the true Aurora Borealis of gemstones!"

Ethiopian Opal Gemstones

More About Kristen Keech

Fashion Tip

Kristen hopes to help every woman who tunes into JTV connect with their Inner Diva and really fall in love with accessorizing their wardrobe. An avid shopper, Kristen has learned that great accessories make an outfit. "All a woman needs is a few classic pieces of clothing in the wardrobe, and one heck of a jewelry collection!" Stick to stud earrings, classic chains and a beautiful pearl strand.

A Day in the Life

Aside from Kristen's shopping addiction, she also loves to sing karaoke, dance, run and ride horses. She has been an avid rider for all of her life, having competed with some of the best riders in the country. She even got the chance to train with the prior coach of the United States Equestrian Team!


Kristen Keech