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Zircon Thermochromic Pear Shape 1.00ct

Zircon Thermochromic Pear Shape 1.00ct
Zircon Thermochromic Pear Shape 1.00ct
Zircon Thermochromic Pear Shape 1.00ct
Zircon Thermochromic Pear Shape 1.00ct
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Nigerian Thermochromic zircon minimum 1.00ct mm varies pear shape. Gemstone mined in Nigeria and cut in Thailand. Color will vary. CAUTION: Prolonged heating or exposure to temperatures above 500 Degrees Fahrenheit will permanently destroy thermochromic property.

Nigerian Thermochromic Zircon

This exotic gem possesses one of the more interesting properties associated with minerals. Thermochromism is a temporary condition that occurs when certain gems are exposed to temperature changes, causing them to exhibit temporary color change. This chameleon effect can be observed after 20-30 seconds of heating your gem over a flame and can be repeated indefinitely, but may be weakened or destroyed if you overheat the gem. Temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit should be avoided. Once the color change is observed with the gem, it should be removed from the flame immediately. In daylight, the gem is a brilliant, cinnamon brown and its color changes to a spicy orange hue after careful heating. Don't be alarmed when your stone begins to revert to its original color within a few moments-you've just observed its thermochromic property first hand! After a few moments, the original color returns upon cooling to room temperature. A wonderful addition to any gem collection, we invite you to discover the exotic nature of thermochromic zircon today. Please use every precaution when working with flame.

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