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Tanzanite 6mm Pentagon Merelani Allure Cut .75ct

Tanzanite 6mm Pentagon Merelani Allure Cut .75ct
Tanzanite 6mm Pentagon Merelani Allure Cut .75ct
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Tanzanite minimum .75ct 6mm pentagon Merelani Allure Cutâ„¢. Gemstone mined in Tanzania and cut in India.

Many great things come in fives: flower petals, our human senses, fingers, toes, a basketball team, the five elements of the five elements that compose the Chinese Wu Xing. And now, Jewelry Television's Merelani Allure Cut, with its pentagonal shape, can be added to this impressive list! This custom gemstone cut boasts a total of 60 precision cut facets, culminating with a dramatic star design in the center. Designed exclusively for our Tanzanian treasure known as tanzanite, the Merelani Allure Cut is sure to appeal to gem aficionados desiring to add the most unique cutting designs to their collections. Available exclusively at Jewelry Television and

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