Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct

Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
Peach Sunstone Aventurescence mm Varies Pear Shape 2.00ct
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Dust Devil Oregon sunstone 2.00ct minimum mm varies pear shape. The gemstone was mined at the Dust Devil MIne in Oregon, in the United States and cut in India. Color will vary.

As Jewelry Television travels the globe to bring you the most exciting gemstones on the planet, our President and CEO Tim Matthews only had to travel to the 2015 Tucson gem and mineral show to make one of our most exciting purchases to date. An offering to our customers nearly a year in the making, Tim went directly to the source, in this case the miners, to strike a deal for a full mine run of sunstone rough from the famed Dust Devil mine, thereby eliminating the middlemen often involved in the gem trade. After a careful inspection and sorting process at our corporate headquarters, the rough material was shipped overseas for cutting in Jaipur, India, one of the world's most important gemstone cutting centers. Once the lapidaries completed the faceting process, the stones received a final sorting and were returned to our corporate headquarters. After a 25,000 mile transcontinental journey, the gems from this very special opportunity buy represent your opportunity to own a 'made in the USA' American Splendorâ„¢ gem. Available in colors ranging from yellows, oranges and reds to multi-colored beauties, Dust Devil sunstone has captured the attention of discerning collectors and jewelry designers in recent years. Master lapidaries from around the world have entered their artistic cutting designs featuring Dust Devil gems into lapidary competitions. To date, these artists have won more than 15 awards and they give a great deal of credit to the sunstone for bringing them such praise. Over time, increasing numbers of lapidaries, carvers and jewelry designers have begun selecting Oregon sunstone as their gemstone medium of choice. More than 2 decades after the mine's opening, the current owners feel they are on the threshold of Oregon sunstone becoming an important international stone. Not surprisingly, as appreciation for this American beauty has grown, sunstone was named Oregon's state gem in 1987. The Dust Devil mine is situated in Oregon's high desert country near the town of Plush. The sunstone found there is a variety of feldspar that formed long ago in molten lava that was later discharged to the earth's surface by a volcano. As the ancient lava weathered away and broke up, the crystals were released. While feldspar is found all over the world, it is rarely gem grade and central Oregon is one of few locations where gem-quality material is found, especially in sizes large enough for faceting. Much like precious opal, each Dust Devil crystal is unique in appearance and it is the copper inclusions present in many of the crystals that set them apart. This phenomenon, known as aventurescence, resembles a child's glitter globe. The copper platelets run between the lattices of the stones, giving them a truly bright appearance as light shines on them. The mine's earthy-toned gems, all natural and unenhanced in any manner, are sure to make an exciting addition to your gem or jewelry collection. Available today at incredible values, we invite you to discover the distinctive beauty of Dust Devil sunstone, an American Splendorâ„¢ treasure not to be missed!

The American Splendorâ„¢ Collection is our salute to the magnificent gems and minerals of the United States. Rivaling the beauty and splendor of gems found across the globe, each is a prime example of many of the most desirable gems available today. From dazzling Herkimer quartz of New York to vibrant garnet and peridot of Arizona to the beautifully unique opals of Oregon's high deserts, each gemstone carries the pedigree of being born in the USA. Collect the wonder of America's own gems and minerals today at Jewelry Television and
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