Orangish Brown Feldspar 11x9mm Oval Sunglitz Cut 3.25ct

Orangish Brown Feldspar 11x9mm Oval Sunglitz Cut 3.25ct
Orangish Brown Feldspar 11x9mm Oval Sunglitz Cut 3.25ct
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Mongolian Sunshimmer Feldspar™ average 3.25ct 11x9mm oval, Sunglitz Cut™. Gemstone mined in Mongolia and cut in China.

Much like the glistening effect that occurs when the rising sun hits objects on an early, dew-filled morning, Sunshimmer Feldspar™ has spectacular, glittering colors that will melt your heart with its unique beauty. Available in a range of soft, pastel orange hues that may have exhibit mint-green flashes of color within a single gem, Sunshimmer Feldspar™ is part of the wide-ranging feldspar mineral family. With an iridescent pinkish shimmer that's simply dazzling to behold, these gems have a beauty that's hard to take your eyes off of! Sunshimmer Feldspar™ is exclusively available at Jewelry Television and Have you ever taken the time to notice the bright sparkling light that forms when sunlight reflects off waves of water... Whether the waves are caused by the water's movement or by birds or fish in the water, or even a ripple from a thrown rock or pebble, there is a momentary glitter that occurs. It is at that moment that a truly spectacular display occurs. Because that short window of time is so fleeting, yet so breathtaking, Jewelry Television pays homage to this special effect and has named a new specialty cut design in its honor....the SunGlitz Cut.... You'll be astounded with the flash and sparkle of this striking gemstone cut which has a total of 173 facets....the SunGlitz... Cut...available exclusively at Jewelry Television and

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