Magnetic Clasp Converter in Sterling Silver Appx 12x10mm

Magnetic Clasp Converter in Sterling Silver Appx 12x10mm
Magnetic Clasp Converter in Sterling Silver Appx 12x10mm
Magnetic Clasp Converter in Sterling Silver Appx 12x10mm
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Product Information
Magnetic Clasp Converter in Sterling Silver Appx 12x10mm. Magnetic clasp converters take the headache and aggravation out of fastening your necklaces. This clasp quickly and easily converts your existing necklace clasp into an easy-to-fasten magnetic clasp. The magnetic clasp converter is perfect for anyone with poor dexterity. Make wearing your favorite necklace easy and convenient!

We think that this magnetic clasp-converter is just about the neatest thing ever. We are pretty sure, in fact we’re almost positive, you’ll agree.

You’ll be surprised at how well it secures your necklaces. You’ll be thrilled at how fast and easy it is to use.

Who needs some of these? Everyone. Of course, it helps those of us with dexterity issues. If you have trouble seeing small clasps or get tired of the contortions required to clasp a necklace at the nape of your neck, you’ll take to this in a nano-second.

If you’re an on-the-go professional with no time to waste, this is certain to become a necessity. If you’re a mom whose mornings are crazy with the multi-tasking involved in getting everyone out the door,  this will be a sanity-saver. And if you’re someone who’d simply like to make a few things in life easier, you’ll quickly be hooked on this clasp-converter.

We do wish to warn you: you’re going to want these for every, single, pendant that you own.

Did we mention that they make great gifts?

This magnetic clasp converter is made of sterling silver and features a powerful rare-earth magnet. The clasp converter measures approximately 4mm in diameter and 1 inch in length and features lobster claw clasps for easy fastening.  The magnetic clasp converters are the perfect solution to the age old problem of fastening your necklace!

This magnetic clasp converter is a neodymium magnet or rare-earth magnet, which are the strongest magnets on earth and the most powerful permanent magnetic material known to science today. They deliver the best power-to-weight ratio of any magnet commercially available, retain constant, high-levels of magnetism, and exceed other magnets in strength and holding power.
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