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Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct

Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct
Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct
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Product Information

Czech Republic moldavite minimum 3.00ct 12x10mm oval mixed cut. Mined in the Czech Republic and cut in India.

The Stone:
When you look at a gemstone like moldavite, you probably don't picture it as the product of a heavenly body - a meteor - soaring through the universe and catapulting itself into the earth. But that's what happened to cause moldavite to form. And it happened about 12 million years ago.

But there's more to this story. The meteorite didn't land in the Czech landed in Germany! So how did the moldavite end up in the Czech Republic? (We're glad you asked.) 

Moldavite is a type of natural glass called tektite. It's created, not by the meteor that strikes the earth, but by a massive column of very, very hot natural gas that forms in front of the meteor. When that gas hits the earth, it "melts" the host rock. A tektite is the result. But the tektite doesn't just sit there.

The impact causes a gigantic explosion - kind of like that of an atomic bomb - and the force of it shoots the molten mass into the air. In the case of moldavite, it shot from Germany all the way to the Czech Republic.

How cool is that?

We think it's great to know all that science stuff because it makes moldavite crazy interesting. And we like that about it. But what we love about moldavite is its unique forest-green color with whispers of brown undertones.

What does all this mean? It means that moldavite is an out-of-this-world stone that inspires some truly heavenly devotion!

The Story:
There's no shortage of folklore surrounding this stone. Let's face it: a stone that comes from a meteor? Who could resist?

Some people say that moldavite was the stone on the Holy Grail and revere it as such. In some cultures, it is thought to be a "stone of the heart"  and it's believed that, when placed on the heart, it uncovers the reason and purpose for why one is here. 

Those who follow astrology will know moldavite as a "stone of the stars" and therefore, a universal gem for all zodiac signs.

"Stone of the stars" certainly seems on point, considering moldavite's origin!

There is no scientific evidence that moldavite has any powers outside this: it has the power to please. Perhaps that's the most important power of all.

The Savvy Shopper:
Since moldavite is a natural glass, it makes sense to treat it with care. That means no sonic cleaners or chemical baths. Clean your moldavite with gentle, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Avoid extremes of temperature and store your moldavites away from other jewelry. Treat your moldavites as something special. 

That is, after all, what these out-of-this-world treasures are!

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