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Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct

Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct
Green Moldavite 12x10mm Oval Mixed Cut 3.00ct
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Czech Republic moldavite minimum 3.00ct 12x10mm oval mixed cut. Mined in the Czech Republic and cut in India.

One of the greatest mysteries of our time surrounds the rich olive gemstone, moldavite. Moldavite is a form of tektite. Derived from the Greek word tektos, "to melt," tektite is a naturally occurring glass believed to have extraterrestrial origins. Moldavite is thought to the creation of a meteorite that fell to the earth 15-20 million years ago. The surface of the meteorite fused and melted away upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, scattering the material along the Moldau River in the Czech Republic. The only "celestial" gemstone known to man, moldavite has been associated with the stone of the Holy Grail. It is said to have fallen from Satan's crown as he fell from heaven. Celebrate the mystery of the only celestial gemstone known to man...Moldavite...a brilliant cosmic creation!

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