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English Whitby Jet 13x11mm Cross Heart Sterling Silver Ring Comes With Whamond Box

English Whitby Jet 13x11mm Cross Heart Sterling Silver Ring Comes With Whamond Box
English Whitby Jet 13x11mm Cross Heart Sterling Silver Ring Comes With Whamond Box
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Product Information

English Whitby Jet 13x11mm cross heart sterling silver ring. Measures approximately 9/16 inch in length and 1/16 inch in band width. Comes with W. Hamond box. Not sizeable.

Whitby Jet: One of few organic gems, Whitby Jet formed from ancient trees that once dotted the prehistoric Jurassic Period landscape millions of years ago. A form of lignite coal, it originates from ancient trees closely related to the modern-day Araucaria tree, also known as the Monkey Puzzle tree. As the trees died, their remnants were washed into streams and over time, the wood eventually made its way to the ocean. There, it settled to the bottom and became buried by sediments. Geological conditions present compressed and fossilized the wood material into what we now know as jet. Eventually, the layers of jet were once again brought above sea level, where their natural beauty captured the attention of admirers.

The small coastal town of Whitby in Yorkshire, England, is the source for what many regard as the finest quality jet in the world today. While jet from various locales has been worn as ornamentation for millenia, it is Whitby Jet that is renowned for its sleek, intense black hues. For those in the market for a natural gem of organic origin with a British pedigree, look no further than Whitby Jet. Each handcrafted piece of Whitby Jet jewelry features only the finest quality gems and is sure to become an heirloom piece in your collection.

Product Type
Inspirational, Symbol
0.56in W
Country of Origin
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
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