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DVD Series: "Ear Cuff Designs By Alex Simkin" 6 Ear Cuff Design DVDs, 3 Bonus DVDs, Plier & Wire

DVD Series:
DVD Series:
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DVD Series: "Ear Cuff Designs by Alex Simkin" includes 6 Ear Cuff Design DVD's, 3 Bonus Ear Cuff Design DVD's, Ear Cuff pliers (Dual Size Round Nose Pliers), and 50 feet of practice wire (25 ft of 21 gauge round full hard copper wire and 25 feet of 21 gauge round full hard red brass wire).
Note from Alex Simkin: "I'm so excited to share my NEVER-BEFORE FILMED Ear Cuff techniques, on this 6 DVD set. These designs are one-of-a-kind!"

Our Best Bonus Ever! When you order, you will receive Ear Cuff Pliers and a 3-DVD Bonus Set, absolutely FREE!
THE STORY BEHIND THE DESIGN: When Alex first immigrated to America, he began making jewelry with his brother to earn a living. Now he makes a full-time income doing what he loves, participating in over 40 jewelry shows each year. Alex has created some of the most unique earring designs the world has ever seen. Ear Cuffs are an innovative design; the Ear Vine and Ear Cuff are custom-made and available only through Alex himself. Until now, he's never shared his secret. And over the past 30 years, he has designed literally hundreds of variations on the technique, and has invented many, many new ways to make these unique ear cuffs, vines, and more. For the last 3 years, I've been chasing Alex. I've followed him to trade shows and state fairs, and called him repeatedly on the phone. His techniques are so unique and special that he has never allowed them to be captured on film. Finally, in 2013 Alex agreed to come to our jewelry studios and film a 6-DVD set. Alex is a one-of-a-kind jewelry legend, a simple man with an incredible story. One of my favorite parts about this DVD series is its extraordinary value; you will earn your investment back by simply selling only 5 pairs of finished earrings. These ear cuffs will be a prized jewel in your collection of personal jewelry. The techniques you discover in this series will forever change how you create your wire earring designs. Here is a sampling of what you will discover in "Ear Cuff Designs by Alex Simkin".......DVD 1 - Project 1: Triple Band Ear Cuff, Project 2: Ear Cuff with Gold Beads, Project 3: Double Spiral Ear Cuff. DVD 2 - Project 1: Ear Cuff with Double Spiral, Project 2: Middle Ear Triple Band Cuff, Project 3: Triple Band Cuff with Chain. DVD 3 - Project 1: Single Bead Ear Cuff, Project 2: Single Bead Design Variation, Project 3: Single bead Ear Cuff with Crystals and Rondelles. DVD 4 - Project 1: Double Sided Ear Cuff, Project 2: Double Sided Cuff Variation, Project 3: Double Sided Ear Cuff Variation 2. DVD 5 - Project 1: Three Bead Ear Cuff, Project 2: Three Bead Ear Cuff with Top Embellishment, Project 3: Graduated Bead Ear cuff. DVD 6 - Project 1: Four Bead Ear Cuff with Top Embellishment, Project 2: Graduated Bead Ear Cuff with Four Beads, Project 3: Graduated Bead Ear Cuff with Top Embellishment. Exclusive Bonus Package includes: Bonus DVD 1 - Project 1: Single Band Sparkly Ear Cuff, Project 2: Double Band Sparkly Ear Cuff, Project 3: Triple Band Sparkly Ear Cuff. Bonus DVD 2 - Project 1: Ear Cuff Extension - Style 1, Project 2: Ear Cuff Extension - Style 2, Project 3: Cuff Extension - Style 3. Bonus DVD 3 - Wire Wrap Necklace Using Ear Cuff Techniques. Also as part of the bonus package you receive: Ear Cuff Pliers and 50 Feet Practice Wire.

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