Aquamarine Mixed Parcel 50.00ctw

Aquamarine Mixed Parcel 50.00ctw
Aquamarine Mixed Parcel 50.00ctw
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Product Information
Parcel of Aquamarine minimum 50.00ctw mixed shapes and sizes. The gemstones were mined and cut in Pakistan and Brazil.

First and foremost with aquamarine is color, color, color! And it is the more intense shades that are highly sought after by gemstone lovers the world over. Celebrate some of the richest and deepest colors available in aquamarine today with Tanjaka Aquamarine™. Traditionally, there was but a single source for the most highly desired colors-the Santa Maria de Itabira Mine in Brazil. Yet, more recent gem discoveries in Africa, including Madagascar, have provided us with aquamarine gems that have the same intense coloring. JTV's Tanjaka Aquamarine™ from Africa is named from the Malagasy word meaning "strength". Tanjaka Aquamarine ™ offers the strong and intense hues that are so highly desired in aquamarine.

The Stone:

The finest aquamarine have a sea-blue color that is reminiscent of the Caribbean sea. Like waves on a warm beach, you can almost feel its color wash over you. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family and a “sibling” stone to emerald and morganite. It is prized for its narrow-range of blue to green-blue colors. Although many experts believe that the “bluest” stones are the most desirable, we believe that color is very much in the eyes of the beholder. Soft, pastel aquamarine has a gentle appeal.

Perhaps you’re wondering how stones from the same family can look so very different! A gemstone’s natural color typically comes from trace elements.  In the case of aquamarine, its color comes primarily from iron.

As mankind and technology have become more sophisticated, we have virtually perfected the art of gem treatments. Much of the aquamarine available today is heated in a process developed to bring out the most desirable shades.  There’s another benefit to heat treatment: it can help to minimize and even eliminate pleochroism. Pleochroism is a color effect seen when aquamarine is viewed from different crystal directions.

It takes a savvy and experienced lapidary to cut aquamarine. The goal is always to optimize carat weight and color. After all – aquamarine is all about that inviting blue-green that is almost like a crystallized sea.

Aquamarine is typically found in very large crystals, which makes it a tempting stone for collectors. Measuring 7 ½ - 8 on the scale of gemstone hardness, aquamarine is very wearable, which makes it ideal for jewelry lovers, too.

The Story:

The contemporary birthstone for the month of March, folklore tells us that ancient cultures believed aquamarine brought courage, luck, and calm to its wearer. It is also thought, by some, to enhance the happiness of marriage.

Aquamarine. It’s the crystalline blues of the Caribbean — sky and sea — in one tranquilly lovely stone. Gaze into its open and easy heart … float in its clear, cool color. Close your eyes, imagine soft Caribbean breezes, and let your mind drift quietly away. Aquamarine … cool, calm … let it transport you. It’s a vacation you can wear every day.

The Savvy Shopper: Clean your aquamarine with warm water and gentle suds (if necessary), rinse, and dry thoroughly. Or wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not over-clean your aquamarine. Excessive cleaning can be risky.

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