'Purple Cross' - Gemstone Art With Ruby, Azurite, Rhodochrosite, Orange Calcite, and pink Tourmaline

'Purple Cross' - Gemstone Art With Ruby, Azurite, Rhodochrosite, Orange Calcite, and pink Tourmaline
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Product Information
This gemstone art original by acclaimed artist Zee Haag is titled “ Purple Cross “ and includes Ruby from Tanzania, Azurite from the USA, and Orange Calcite, Pink Tourmaline and Rhodochrosite all from Brazil. The piece measures 12 inches height , 12 inches width, and 3 inches in depth. This is an LED backlit piece with the power supply included. The stones are set in a high strength resin within a steel frame and sealed with a spray epoxy coating. An interlocking bracket for hanging the art on wood or drywall is attached to the back of the art piece. A switch on the bottom left side of the piece enables the LED lighting when connected to power. Approximate weight is 15 lbs.

“What is gemstone art? “

Gemstone art is a type of mixed-media art that is produced using a proprietary process for inlaying gemstones, fossils, mineral crystals, metals (sometimes including meteorites) and other varied materials that the artist sets inside an encapsulating metal frame. Each stone is carefully laid in by hand to achieve the pattern combinations that will produce the envisioned design. This material is then joined together with high strength chemical resins which cure into a super hard aggregate. Next, grinding and polishing takes place over multiple days using diamond grinding equipment, starting with the roughest grits and then progressing through finer and finer grits until maximum polish is achieved.This finishing process allows the working of the different sections of the art to create visual effects of depth, color, and light-play into intricate patterns. These methods require hours of labor just to inlay small sections of the piece. The artist also uses various metalworking methods to create the surface patina of the metal sections. The unique combination of crystalline minerals, fossils, metals and resins then cures into a unique composite surface that can never be duplicated. The sophisticated methods of metal and stonework that are utilized were developed over multiple decades of laborious trial & error research and are crucial elements in the creation of these one-of-a-kind art pieces which are unique in the world of art.

Artist biography- Zee Haag

Zee Haag (b. 1958), is a lifelong native of Tucson, Arizona who was born into the world of gems, minerals and fossils as the son of world renowned mineral collectors Albert and Bernadine Haag. Attending the Sunnyside Arts School in the 70’s Zee began his lifelong process of integrating his two loves.. the world of minerals and crystals that originated from within his family and the world of art which took root inside him as a youth. After high school Zee went on to study art and develop his style and technique at the Pima County Community College of Arts and also in the Sahvorita program. Zee went on after college to become one of the most famous and flamboyant dealers in the mineral business, sporting his instantly recognizable shoulder length blonde hair and travelling the world seeking exquisite minerals and both selling and using them in his artistic creations. His art was featured in the US Trade mission to Japan in 1979 and in the Tokyo and Osaka TIMA shows from 1984 to the present. Also making a name for himself in Europe and the United States as well. Zee's art has been featured in the Munich Mineralflage from 1985-2005, the Paris/St. Marie Exhibition from 1995-1998, and every year since 1977 in the world’s largest gem and mineral show in Tucson, AZ. (GLDA).

Gemstone art is the culmination of Zee’s career as a prospector, miner, mineral and fossil dealer, stone cutter, inventor, gallery owner and artist. No other combination of knowledge, skills, and experience in one human could have resulted in the creation of this original and cutting-edge new art form. Focusing on his art for decades has allowed Zee to refine and to improve his technique, and for his finished pieces to aspire to higher and more sublime forms of expression. Zee has been steadily gaining a following of clients, collectors, investors and interior designers that have been acquiring and collecting his finished works.

Product Type
Wall Decor
Inspirational, Symbol, Religious
12.00in L x 12.00in W x 3.00in H
Country of Origin
United States of America (the)
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