Julianna Hudgins - Jewelry Designer

Julianna Hudgins is a well-known International Spokesperson, TV personality, author and jewelry designer. Julianna is often referred to in the craft industry as the "Fire Behind the Wire" because she was one of the first artists to see the possibilities of wire as a craft trend and to develop products and projects to bring wire to the craft consumer. Julianna has made numerous appearances on National Television including HGTV, PBS, HSN, and QVC, and was elected by the Craft & Hobby Association to present the latest trends and wire working techniques at the Japan Hobby show in Tokyo. She has penned four insightful books on beading and wire working and was Owner of JewelCraft, an importing company of beads, crystals and jewelry findings. She is a GIA certified AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional).

What inspires you: "I am most inspired by the sounds of the ocean. I love color and start most of my jewelry projects by falling in love with a bead, gemstone or pendant that catches my eye."

What is your greatest accomplishment as a jewelry designer: "I am most proud of helping to bring the Artistic Wire Brand to life within the Craft & Hobby Industry and inspiring people around the world to use wire in all of their creative endeavors."

What do you enjoy most about your work: "I truly enjoy inspiring and teaching people through out the world how to connect with their inner creative spirit."

What is your favorite jewelry making technique: "I truly love working on a Beading Loom and incorporating my passion for wire working in all of my jewelry pieces."

Julianna Hudgins